Jumbo Nesoberi School Idol Festival Nozomi

Nesoberi Nozomi! That is right, my first ever Nesoberi from the Love Live series is the incredibly large and adorable Jumbo Nesoberi School Idol Festival Nozomi. Very fitting of the name indeed. 

When scaled down to Nesoberi plush size, Nozomi still retains her signature features such as her long purple hair tied in ponytails. 

Fluffy on both sides with a scrunchy to tie it neatly. Even more impressive is that the scrunchy actually resembles an actual one!

Unique to the School Idol Festival Nesoberi are their outfits which are pajamas. It is incredibly adorable and unique compared to the usual school idol outfits and school uniforms.

Nozomi even has on a pair of yellow stockings. The fabric texture for her stockings are different from the pajamas adding that extra bit of detail.

An additional scrunchy? I wonder who it belongs to.

A cute baby blue ribbon on Nozomi's pajamas blouse, it is super cute!

Then there are the minor details such as the detailing on the fabric on both her shorts;

And her blouse. They appear to form a floral pattern.

Unless you are familiar with the Nesoberi plush, the scale of the Jumbo Nesoberi(s) are a little hard to explain. They are deceptively large, if that is indeed a way of describing it.

As with all Nesoberi plush toys, they all have extremely large heads. It doubles as a nicely weighted anchor and a soft pillow.

What now? Jumbo Eli, of course! Currently, Nozomi looks a little too lonely without her significant other. Problem is, Eli seems to be sold out in most stores and those which do have her in stock, have her at a significantly inflated price point. Either way, I will keep a close eye out for her. Until then, thank you so much for reading and have yourself a wonderful day ahead!


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