SIF Coverage - Challenge Festival Round 2

Just like that, and we have a new event up and running in SIF's EN Server. This time, it is Challenge Festival Round 2 featuring the very popular Flower Viewing Rin. While the cherry blossoms start to bloom, the theme of the event too finally catches up to the season. Together with it, comes one small change to this relatively new event format.

As with most events, the first Event SR is unlocked via accumulating Event Points by playing the event songs. In the case of Challenge Festivals, players play increasingly difficult songs one-by-one up to a maximum of 5 songs while collecting increasingly lucrative rewards along the way. Upon accumulating 25,000 Event Points, the first copy of SR Flower Viewing Rin will be unlocked.
The second and third copy of SR Flower Viewing Rin will come from the Event Ranking rewards which plays out to be the usual Tier 1 and 2. Tier 1 (Top 1100) unlocks two SR Rin(s) in addition to one extra Green Scouting Ticket over Tier 2 (Top 5500) which rewards a single SR Rin and Green Scouting Ticket. An additional copy of the event's N member, Morishima  Nanaka is rewarded regardless of the tier.

New to this event is the addition of "Score Ranking Reward" which seems to be a carry over from Token Events. There is no mention of this additional reward tab in the event tutorial meaning this may very likely be a mistake by the developers. 
Now, all that is left to do is to get down to playing the actual event. Running for 11 days from today (3rd of March) till the 13th of March, there will be plenty of time for stiff competition along the way. The previous Challenge Festival had pretty steep cutoffs. Whether or not this event will pan out that way is something only time can tell. Tiro Finale will be here to cover the event along the way so, make sure to stay tuned for that. Until the next time, thank you so much for reading and have yourself a wonderful day ahead!


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