SIF Coverage - Challenge Festival Round 2 Conclusion

Eleven days came and went, and now, Challenge Festival Round 2 has officially come to a close. Only the second Challenge Festival to be played on SIF's EN Server, this second outing saw a slight dip in the cutoffs compared to the first. Nevertheless, competition was stiff throughout the brackets with consistent growth throughout the event. 

For a better understanding of it all, let us start of with the score leader boards. Starting with the Top 5, we have a tied top spot going to OtakuRebrn and Histy with 1,400,000 event points respectively. These two are no strangers to the top spots and consistently put out insane numbers for every event. Following behind closely are Kintolesky, zuraaa~a and hoogle who were all tied for third spot at 1,101,026 event points. How they managed to tie at such a score is completely beyond me.

Moving onto Tier 1, the cutoff for 1100th position goes to #KusOikawa with 142,669 event points. This is a good 17,000 event points over the last reward but, still lower than the 156,000 event points cutoff of the previous Challenge Festival

Tier 2 sees a similar pattern as well with the cutoff sitting at 80,282 for the 5500th position. All things considered, the cutoff is for Tier 2 was fairly low this time. Perhaps this could be attributed to Rin's popularity among the EN server players?

A new addition to Challenge Festival are Event Score Rankings which see the cumulative score of a single Challenge Festival run (up to 5 Lives). The higher your total score, the better your rewards. I contemplated not including this as this was a purely pay-to-win table but, for documentation reasons, I included it.

Your Present Box would look something like this should you qualify for Tier 2.
The event's N member, Morishima Nanaka, un-idolized;

And here she is idolized.

Time for the star of the show, Rin-chan! To idolize her, we will need to use the Special Practice blender being mindful to keep the higher ranked member on the top slot. When you are ready, hit taht "Special Practice" button!

Tadah! Idolized Flower Viewing Rin!
Idolized and at Level 80, Rin unlocks a whole bevy of upgrades. Starting with her Cool Points rising to 4,800 points, Rin also gains 500 maximum Bond Points and one extra Skill Slot. 

As for Skills, I would recommend Cool Cross [1st] as Rin herself has an innately high number of Cool Points. Without any skills or bond boosts, Rin is the 4th strongest Cool Event SR!

A closer look at the idolized version in card form. Rin looks so cute! It is no surprise Alter decided to make their next Love Live scale figures based of the Flower Viewing Rin and Hanayo.

Take a deep breath as the next event begins on the 17th of March, just a short four day break! The next event is rumored to be a Honoka Medley Festival (Round 12 for JP Server) and you can rest assured that Tiro Finale will be there to cover the event on top of our usual daily content updates. Until then, thank you so much for reading and have yourself a wonderful day ahead!


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