Super Sonico Hot Days Version Preview & Unboxing

Time to unbox another Super Sonico figurine from the collection. Today we will be taking a look at FuRyu's Super Sonico Hot Days (Kyou wa Atsui Desu) Version. Part of the Daily Life series of FuRyu Super Sonico prize figures, this once perhaps has the nastiest surprise of them all! From the outside, the box is a pretty standard affair with a large display window.

The sides have concept art following the series' style but, with no real relation to the figure itself.

The art over on the other side is exactly identical, just mirrored. The dotted cutaways near the top half of the box is a giveaway that this is indeed a prize figure meant to be won in arcade crane games.

Over on the back, there are your usual warnings and documentation together with an image of the Sonico figure you can expect to find inside.

Time to open the box and examine the contents! Using a blade carefully cut the cellophane tape used to secure the box shot.

Pop the lid open and there are the two large plastic blisters which protect the Sonico figure within it. The plastic is not of particularly high quality and is very thin but, it does the job of shock and damage protection well enough.

A clear sheet of plastic is placed on the front and back of Sonico to prevent any unwanted paint transfer. But for those of you with sharp eyes, you would have already spotted the stain on Sonico's left thigh. Worse still, that is just the beginning of the horrors that await this figure.

Have you ever come across a melted figure before? If not, stay tuned for the "review" to come of this failed attempt by FuRyu at trying out different types of PVC in their figures resulting in a catastrophic meltdown. More on that in the full review to come as I deliberate on how I would like to present the case. Until then, thank you so much for reading and have yourself a wonderful day ahead!


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