SIF Coverage - Medley Festival Round 10 Conclusion

Today's date is the 27th of March 2017, the date Medley Festival Round 10 comes to a close on SIF's EN Server. All things considered, this was one of the slower events, Medley Festival included, in SIF's EN Server. Could this be due to a Challenge Festival-Medley Festival occurring within so closely between each other? Or could it say something about Honoka's popularity? No one can say for sure but, here today we have the hard facts for the conclusion of the event.

Starting with the Top 5 Rankings, first place is a tie between Pierrot ;9 and LuckySSL who both obtained 1,388,888 Event Points. Third and fourth place are not too far behind either with more than 1,200,000 Event Points. It is only fifth place where things drop off significantly but, is no less impressive.

Tier 1 this time cutoff at 107,811 Event Points for the 1100th positions which was a good 3,000 points short of the estimated cutoff. The final qualifier for that position goes to Mauro URU who now enjoys that additional Green Scouting Ticket and two extra copies of SR Sweets Honoka.

Meanwhile, Tier 2 cutoff at a very low 55,609 event points with the final 5500th position going to kirito. Certainly, there was no "Wonderful Rush" to be found in this event.

Event Song Rankings, just because. One can never hope to be truly competitive in this segment without first having sunk thousands of Love Gems into the game for UR members.

Should you qualify for Tier 2, your Present Box would look something like this. Qualifying at 1,284th position may feel like a situation of so close yet, so far. In fact, I was actually a good 8,000 Event Points off the mark. While I could have invested in the extra Love Gems, time constraints meant it was not meant to be for this event. Maybe next time!

The Event N Card, un-idolized.

Here she is idolized but, not matching the event's theme.

Moving onto to the spotlight of this event, it is time to idolize the Event SR Sweets Honoka. Placing both the identical un-idolized copies in the Special Practice blender and remembering to place the higher leveled member in the upper slot, hit that "Special Practice" button and await the festivities.

Behold, idolized SR Sweets Honoka!

At Level 80, Honoka's Smile Points goes up to 4,690 making her the 13th best Event Smile SR. On top of that, her maximum Bond Points rises to 500 and she unlocks an additional Skill Slot.

Now with three Skill Slots at your disposal, you have the freedom to utilize many more Smile Skills. Because SR Sweets Honoka is not a very high point member, the option to use Smile Aura is definitely a viable one. Granted that she is not the weakest Smile member in your Smile Team and you do have intentions of fielding her. 

Honoka sure loves her sweets, especially the Strawberry Shortcake.

The next event should tentatively start on the 1st of April with no real confirmation of the event type. Rest assured, Tiro Finale will be there for a full coverage of the coming event on top of our usual schedule daily content. Until then, thank you so much for reading and have yourself a wonderful day ahead!


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