Coming Soon: Persona 5!

Persona 5 is out on the 4th of April. I will be getting it as soon as I can and I will be losing myself in it. I will emerge from gaming heaven, born a new child of the industry, one baptised by the Lord Atlus. May we walk the path of explo- wait, sorry, that isn't right. May we walk the same path as the Phantom Thieves of Hearts.

I have had a few spoilers dealt onto me by inconsiderate internet comment-going wannabes and also by the poisonous scum known as the internet troll. Such spoilers, thankfully, are of a menial nature, only intrusive if you're a pseudo-monk, sworn off all aspects of the game only to finally consummate this divine piece of art in all its glory.

I will be kicking it into high gear when Persona 5 comes out but fret not, I will (hopefully) be preparing a bunch of articles ready to fire before the fated day. I've been waiting for this game for nearly 10 years now, having played the original PS2 copy of Persona 4 instead of the revamped Vita that brought the series to the mainstream crowd.

While some of you may expect a whole boatload of posts regarding the game, breaking down every aspect of the game to scrutinise while serving as Atlus' would-be one-man marketing team, that will not necessarily be the case. I can't predict the future and anything can happen a few weeks from now. It may also be the case that while I can spend a whole weekend smashing through the game, I might choose to write about some anime that's currently airing instead.

Anyways, this post was just a reminder that the game is coming out soon and if you have any doubts about it, initial reviews and impressions say that it's the best in the series. HYPE MODE ON!


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