DX4 Tomoe Mami Preview & Unboxing

A new Mami figure review? Indeed! It has been a while since we here at Tiro Finale made a full review of a Mami scale figure. Last time we did, it was of her Nendoroid Petite and even before that was a Kyun-Chara (and that was back in February 2016). Seeing as to how I have yet to do any other review since then despite devoting Tiro Finale entirely to Mami, I decided it would be a good time to pop open one of the many figures in my collection.

The choice was simple enough, Banpresto's DX4 Tomoe Mami.  A prize figure made way back in 2011, when the series first started, and one that I have wanted to put up a review of ever since I got it. From the outside, things are rather unassuming with a standard cardboard box with no exhibition windows.

The material for the box itself is fairly thin but, still thick enough to provide sufficient rigidity. Size wise, the box is rather small for a prize figure which is indicative of the size of the figure within it.

Little cutouts exist on the side of the box indicating the figure's nature as a prize figure used in various arcade games such as the "UFO Catcher". Otherwise, the box is decorated with various pictures of Mami accompanied with the other Puella Magi and with a yellow and orange motif designed to replicated Mami's signature color. 

Time to pop open the top of the box. Carefully using a blade, incise the three pieces of tape holding the box shut. After the tape has been cut, carefully open the box to reveal the contents within it.

Immediately, you are greeted with another cardboard box within it which acts as another layer of protection. The large "B" alphabet is likely to designate the correct figure to the correct box as there is no way of visually confirming the contents once closed.

A rather unique triangular box which serves to provide added impact protection. Very neat!

Open up the triangular box, and Mami is wrapped up in a thin layer of bubble wrap.

Remove the bubble wrap and there is an additional plastic bag which holds the base and Mami in separate components. Remove them by running a blade through the bottom of the bag being careful not to cut the contents within it.

Banpresto even included additional plastic coverings for Mami's twin tails! A really nice touch to ensure they do not get scratched or suffer from paint transfer while in the package. So far, for a 6 year old prize figure, I have been very impressed with what I see. Of course, initial impressions are just that and we will have to wait for the full review for the in-depth deliberation. The full review will be out within the week as I complete the photo shoot and write up. Until then, thank you so much for reading and have a wonderful day ahead!


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