SIF Coverage - Don't Let Me Go, You Are My Love Conclusion

"Don't Let Me Go, You Are My Love", Eli's dearest words to Nozomi Token Event has finally come to an end on the SIF EN Server. Spanning a relatively short 10 days, the cutoffs for the event ended at a rather odd place too with some tiers falling within expectation and others not so much. Together with the cutoff and rankings, we will also be taking the time to look at the event's SR Rock Eli in her idolized form. Read on as we analyze the conclusion of this Token Event!
Beginning with the Event Rankings, we have the Top 5 spots all held by the server's top players. The Number 1 spot this time goes to opiuman with 3,999,999 Event Points. Let us just hope that he/she did not have to resort to using any opium to achieve such extraordinary results. Tied for second place is OtakuRebrn and Emily with 2,000,000 points. Kintolesky, SIF EN's highest ranking player, makes an apperance too at fourth place.

We then move onto the Tiers with Tier 1 cutting off at 77,192 Event Points. For a single SR event, this sits slightly below that of an expected cutoff for double-SR events but below that of a single SR event. I guess we can chalk this down to Eli's popularity?

On the other hand, we have Tier 2 cutting off at 31,243 points. While higher  than Rin's previous Token Event, the score is not wildly unattainable without a small Love Gem investment. 

Qualify for Tier 2 and your Present Box would look something like this. For a moment, I was slightly confused upon receiving two copies of SR Rock Eli. 
That was until I realized the prize format for this event had shifted a little with Tier 3 now rewarding one SR Rock Eli, Tier 2 rewarding two SR Rock Eli and Tier 1 rewarding three SR Rock Eli. Will this change carry on to the future events and does this have anything to do with accounting for player base expansion? While I am inclined to think so, we will only know for sure once the next event rolls out.
Before we move onto SR Rock Eli, here is a quick spotlight on the Event's N Member Shiraki Nagi. Here she is in un-idolized form and;

 Here in idolized form. 

Ever wondered what three SR Rock Eli(s) look like in the inventory? Now you know.

Put her through Special Practice and you have yourself the idolized SR Rock Eli!

At Level 80, Eli's Pure Points rises to 4,730 making her the 9th strongest Event Pure SR. On top of that, she gains one extra Skill Slot and her max Bond rises to 500. Nothing out of the ordinary then. While, I have yet to decided what to do with my extra copy of SR Rock Eli. Either additional Special Practice (for the fourth Skill Slot) or Normal Practice (to improve her Score Up Skill) are both viable pathways. Do keep in mind that Normal Practice will provide on S Sticker while Special Practice does not.

Because Eli's Pure Points are not the highest, using other skills are perfectly viable such as the three slot Pure Aura. This skill can help boost your Pure team especially when going for those High Scores.

Lastly, a closer look at the idolized SR Rock Eli.

The next event is predicted to begin on the 5th of May. In the meantime, there is a new Honor Scouting list for Aqours members. Stay tuned, as Tiro Finale will be covering every new SIF event as they come live on top of our daily content updates. Until then, thank you so much for reading and have yourself a wonderful day ahead!


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