SIF Coverage - SR Rock Eli

Now more than halfway through the Eli's Token Event, it is time to take a closer look at her Event SR. For now, we only get access to her un-idolized version as her second copy only becomes available upon the end of the event. You could also opt to idolize her earlier with the use of Stickers but, I would strongly recommend against it.
As part of the Completion Rewards, SR Rock Eli is first unlocked upon achieving 11,000 Event Points. This is a rather straight forward undertaking as even players who are not planning to tier for the event would be able to collect 11,000 Event Points without too much issue.

At first glance, Eli is of a Pure Attribute this time as opposed to her core Cool Attribute. At Level 1, she sports 3,620 Pure Points and a Score Boost skill. Eli's Score Boost skill is particularly interesting because it requires only a small number of notes (22 Combo) and has a rather high chance (32%, nearly 1 in 3) of activating.

At Level 60, Eli's Pure Points rises to 4,450 Pure Points with little else changing otherwise. Being the level cap for an un-idolized member, players will need to idolized Eli in order to unlock her full perks. As she stands, the un-idolized SR Rock Eli does not hold too many merits aside from her skill.

The Rock Set is one of the more popular SR designs in SIF for Muse with Eli being one of the more popular members to fit the theme. That comes to no surprise with Eli's confident demeanor helping her pull off the whole leather jacket and jeans look. Not to mention, the blue headphones which are also the Tokens in the event are both a nice splash of color and nod to Eli's character color. 

I am looking forward to the conclusion of the event where we will finally be able to idolize SR Rock Eli and make the most out of her potential. Stay tuned for that and more on Tiro Finale's daily coverage. Until then, thank you so much for reading and have yourself a wonderful day ahead!


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