SIF Coverage - Score Match Round 24 Conclusion

With its surprisingly strong start, Score Match Round 24 eventually mellowed off in the second-half of the event before finally coming to a close today. Despite all that, the past eleven days has still been very competitive as players on the EN Server vie to improve their Matchmaking Rank and subsequently unlock better rewards. Today we will be taking a look at the aftermath of the event and its rankings together with the second event SR, Takami Chika.

Starting with the Top 5 positions, the top spot goes to Rice Queen with an incredible 1,401,955 Event Points. Second place, MikanRebrn, is not too far behind with 1,333,333 Event Points. Meanwhile, third till fifth place are very evenly matched with all of them being within the 800,000 Event Points range.

Tier 1 cutoff at 134,697 Event Points with that final 1100th spot going to Aquors. The cutoff for Tier 1 sat exactly as it was predicted to be, a little north of 130,000 Event Points. This is because, the final substantial reward, a Green Scouting Ticket, was unlocked at 100,000 Event Points.

As we move down a Tier, we come to Tier 2 which cutoff at 75,970 Event Points. That final 5500th position goes to yosoro~~~. Just like Tier 1, the cutoffs for this tier was well within the predicted range. Looks like there was no Wonderful Rush for this event or has that things stopped ever since Muse slowly slipped off the limelight?

The introduction of a new Reward Bracket in all events was not to be missed out in Score Matches too with "Score Match Points". A form of Matchmaking Rank, players received better rewards at the end of the event the higher their rank was. While skill was important to progress up the ranks, team composition and purely having strong members were an even bigger factor for success. Hence, this is one Pay-to-Win aspect of SIF that looks to be here to stay.

Successfully qualify for Tier 2 and your Present Box would look a little something like this. The SR Help Chika(s) are stacked meaning you will collect both of them in one go if you have sufficient space in your inventory. Something worth noting and keeping in mind.

At Level 1, Chika sports 3,710 Pure Points and a handy Perfect Lock skill, "Do Your Job". While the chance of activating may be a little low (26%), the ample 4 second window makes this an invaluable addition to most Pure Team compositions.

At Level 60, Chika's Pure Points rises to 4,540 wherein she will no longer continue to grow as 60 is the level cap for an un-idolized SR member. To unlock the card's full potential, idolization via Special Practice is a must.

A closer look at the un-idolized SR Help Chika.

Place both identical SR Help Chika(s) into the Special Practice blender keeping in mind to place the higher level copy on the upper slot. I would always advocate for idolization via two identical members as the benefits and potential cost are much lower compared to using stickers.

If everything goes as planned, Chika will unveil her idolized form.

Once idolized, Chika's level cap rises to 80 allowing her Pure Points to hit 4,820 which makes her the most powerful Event Pure SR. Moreover, idolization (with an identical member) unlocks an additional Skill Slot and raises her maximum Bond Points to 500. 

Now with three Skill Slots available, Pure Cross [2nd] becomes the perfect skill for this setup which takes advantage of SR Help Chika's high Pure Points. 

A closer look at SR Help Chika's School Idol outfit once idolized.

With the end of this event, we now look forward to the next event on the roster. There is no word of what it may be but, it would very likely begin on the 18th of April which grants us a good week of rest to prepare for the next event. Rest assured, Tiro Finale will be there to cover the event as it starts and ends on top of our usual daily updates. Until then, thank you so much for reading and have yourself a wonderful day ahead!


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