SIF Coverage - SR Help You

Yes, this is certainly one of the more peculiar titles for SIF Coverage. Nevertheless, it is what it is as we take a closer look at the You Watanabe's Event SR as part of the Help Series for Score Match Round 24.

Being one of the two unlockable Event SR(s), You is the first to be unlocked via accumulating Event Points. The first copy at 25,000 points, the second at 60,000 event points and the third, and final, copy at 100,000 event points. Needless to say, if you intent to qualify for Tier 2 and above, you will definitely be collecting at least two copies of SR Help You.
The original copy unlocked at 25,000 Event Points is a simple Cool SR with a Score Up skill. At Level 1, You has 3,660 Cool Points, two skill slots and a fairly decent skill "Happy Helping Hand". 
After a little bit of investment and sacrifice of fodder members will you be able to bring You up to to Level 60, her level cap for the un-idolized variant. At this point, her Cool Points rises significantly to 4,490 Cool Points while every other aspect remains largely unchanged.

A closer look at the un-idolized You's design.

Hit 60,000 Event Points and you will be ready to idolize SR Help You with the help of the Special Practice blender. Do not forget to place the higher leveled copy on the first slot to prevent all that leveling from going to waste.

Gone are the cleaner's outfit in favor of a bright blue School Idol outfit.

With her full potential unlocked, You's Cool Points tops of at 4,770 points at Level 80. On top of that, her maximum Bond Points rises to 500 for an additional point boost over her base attribute.

 Not to mention, You receives an additional Skill Slot if idolized with two identical versions of the card. As she is the 6th most powerful Event Cool SR, investing in a Cool Cross [2nd] for her is not such a bad idea at all.

So much blue!

We are more than halfway through the event at this point as the competition is starting to stiffen up. Aside from that, a new series of Muse members are available for Standard Scouting now. The window for the increased chances of getting Kotori is rather short though with it expiring on the 11th of April. At which point, the event will come to a close too. Rest assured, Tiro Finale will be there to cover the conclusion of the event together with an in-depth look of SR Help Chika. Until then, thank you so much for reading and have yourself a wonderful day ahead!


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