Sega AG Square Momoe Nagisa Preview & Unboxing

In my previous review, I mentioned that we would be taking a look at another figure from the Madoka Magica series really soon. Moreover, I promised it to be something different and unique. Indeed it is as today, we will be taking a look at one of the few Momoe Nagisa figures available in the market. Made by Sega as part of the AG Square series, this particular Nagisa was released in conjunction with the Rebellion film where she was first introduced. The box itself is rather small with a sizable clear window up front showcasing the figure within it.

The sides as well as the back of the box are solid which helps to add structural rigidity to the entire package. Even then, the material used by Sega is rather thin and flimsy making the box rather prone to dents and bumps. Hence, the slight box damage on the lower front left corner of the box. Because of this box damage, I was able to get the figure for a cheap 800 Yen from Mandarake.

The back of the box details the usual documentations and warnings. Nothing much to read even if you do read Japanese as most of it is just the usual legal documentations.

The rights side of the box has several screenshots taken from the movie. As there are 6 character figures releases for the film, Sega has decided to pair them in threes. Nagisa, Madoka and Sayaka are paired together. While, Homura, Bebe and Mami are paired together.

Time to pop open the box. Be careful not to tear anything as the box itself is rather flimsy.

Keeping Nagisa safe are two plastic blisters which lock into place of one another. Simple but, effective method as used with most figures.

Inside, we have Nagisa still carefully wrapped in plastic. This keeps the figure clean and prevents any unwanted paint transfers with the plastic blister's surface.

A quick preview of Nagisa;

And a closing shot with some art of her in the background.
With Nagisa out of the box, we come to a close for our quick preview and unboxing segment of this figure. The review will be out in a few days time (definitely within the week) and, thus far, things are looking good with Sega having made a very solid deformed-scale figure. Nevertheless, those are just my first impressions as things may change along the way with the full review. Make sure to stay tuned for that on Tiro Finale together with our daily content updates. Until then, thank you so much for reading and have yourself a wonderful day ahead!


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