Figure Wishlist - Hdge Kusanagi Motoko SAC Version

Last week, I spent a good amount of time gushing about my new love for the Ghost in the Shell series and its main character, Major Kusanagi Motoko. Since then, I had gone on to pre-order GSC's figma Kusanagi Motoko and am patiently awaiting her release on August this year. Shortly after I had done so though, yet another (figure of the Major) was being re-released and had opened for pre-orders. As you could guess, I was very happy about this but, my wallet? Not so much.

Manufactured by Union Creative, this figure of the Major is officially designated, Hdge Technical Statue No. 6 Major Kusanagi Motoko S.A.C. (Stand Alone Complex) Version. Yes, quite a mouthful indeed to remember much less say. So for the sake of simplicity, most just refer to it as the Hdge Kusanagi.

While the name may be pretty complicated, the figure itself is actually rather simple. It features the Major from the Stand Alone Complex series standing in a fixed pose. One arm on her hips and another on her trusty Seburo M-5 pistol. 

First released by Union Creative in September 2015, this re-release of the Major is expected to be released in July 2017. Just like the original release, the Major will be available in two guises. The Normal Version as featured in this post and the Optical Camouflage Version.

The only difference between the two versions (Normal & Optical Camouflage) are the addition of a clear and flake effects on the Optical Camouflage version. Otherwise, their prices are identical with both retailing for 11,000 Yen (tax excluded). While I do expect the Optical Camouflage version to be the more collectable of the two, I find myself leaning towards the Normal Version more.

Compared to the figma version, this design of the Major is more faithful to the anime especially in terms of her outfit and hairstyle. She also sports her leather gloves and jacket both of which have been intricately detailed as far as the promotional image suggests.

While her design may be less "family-friendly" than other releases, this is the definitive figure of the Major's SAC Version to get. Having been released two years prior, several collectors have since gotten their hands on the original and have been able to vouch for the overall quality of the figure. Moreover, prices of this figure had been going up (as with the figma version) in the re-sellers market ever since she was released. 

Also, did I mention she stands 250 mm tall? While Union Creative has not provided any actual figures on her scale, simple mathematics show the figure to be of a 1/7 scale - the Major is 168 cm tall.

The Major's trusty Seburo M-5

So, who or what is Union Creative? Established in 2004 and with only 18 employees, Union Creative is best known for their highly detailed Hdge Technical Statue series of figures. Otherwise, I cannot claim to know much about the company. Fortunately, they have a readily accessible website with an English site too!

Optical Camouflage Version
While I am almost certainly going to pre-order this figure, the one thing I remain undecided upon is deciding between the Normal and Optical Camouflage Version. Or worse still, getting both! In which case, my finances will come crumbling down. Well, that dilemma is one for me to ponder upon. What about you? Which version would you go for? I would love to hear what you think in the comments section below. Until the next time, thank you so much for reading and have yourself a wonderful day ahead!


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