Early April Haul

2017 has been a relatively slow year for me in terms of figure collection with quality taking precedence over quantity. April is no different as the start of the month only sees me adding one new figure to the collection with the other addition being a Kuji prize which was gifted to me (lucky!!!). 

That one figure is actually the recently released Nendoroid Shigure Kai-II which I pre-ordered on impulse a while back. This particular one had the special box sleeve included as part of the Good Smile Online Shop pre-order bonus. The Yuudachi Kai-II standing behind Shigure is GSC's not-so-subtle attempt at hinting the next Nendoroid from the Kancolle Series.

The rear side of the box sleeve is nothing special as is the rest of the box sleeve. Likely, this is to allow as a backdrop for posing Shigure against. While I hate to be critical, I do think the box sleeve for Shigure is a little lackluster compared to that of the previous releases.

Slide up the box sleeve and you will be greeted with the actual box beneath it. There is no worry about authenticity as the product comes directly from Good Smile Company but, the Kadokawa hologram acts as an additional proof of authenticity. Especially useful is you plan to re-sell her in the future.

Just like every other Nendoroid, Shigure's box front is presented in the exact same way with a front window and number designation for the Nendoroid. Shigure is the 632nd Nendoroid produced by Good Smile Company, it will not be much longer before they hit the magic 1000.

The second item of this early April haul comes from the Madogatari II Ichiban Kuji. The C Prize from the lottery is a Mami and Tsubasa mini framed art. I have yet to start watching the Monogatari series but, I am planning and looking forward to it.

An example of the framed artwork within.

These two new additions to the collection mark a humble increment in my collection which continues to grow slowly. If things work out, there is something big coming this month which I am looking forward to feature. That particular product has been delayed several times now and, now, I finally hope the manufacturers are able to honor the release date.

What is that mysterious figure coming?Stay tuned to Tiro Finale to find out with our daily content updates which promise something new to read every day. Until then, thank you so much for reading and have yourself a wonderful day ahead!


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