Super Sonico Sweets Time Version Preview & Unboxing

Hello again, everyone! Last week, I promised to bring some Super Sonico content to Tiro Finale and what better way to start off the new week then making good on that promise? More specifically, we will be taking a closer look at FuRyu's Super Sonico Sweets Time Version prize figure. Admittedly the last Sonico review did not go so well but this time, things are already looking much better. Join me as we take a closer look at a quick preview of this Sonico figure.

Also a part of FuRyu's Everyday Life Coverage series of Super Sonico figures, one defining feature of these Sonico prize figures are their large display window at the front of the box with colorful words all throughout the box. 

The sides and the back are solid as it should be for a prize figure. The material used by FuRyu is a rather thin cardboard. As such, the box is easily prone to dents and bumps. This makes the task of looking for one with the box in perfect condition a rather difficult task, one that I would recommend you avoid. Despite this, there is little need to worry about the condition of the figure within it as FuRyu has provided ample protection for Sonico as we will find out shortly.

The back of the box has your usual warnings and documentation together with a reference picture of how Sonico would look like. Because she is sitting down, her pose is not fixed and this picture serves as your only guide on how to position her correctly. Alternatively, you can opt to pose her in a different position too.

Both sides of the box feature the same artwork, Sonico in a bikini feeding someone parfait. While the figure may be designated as the "Sweets Time Version", the artwork does deviate a little too much from the design of the figure. Hence, picture has no relation to final product whatsoever. 

That being said, I am sure many Sonico fans would like to be fed parfait by her. Me? I would rather her wipe the cream of her mouth first.

The topside of the box has Super Sonico written in large fonts and is your one entry point into the box. Carefully remove the tape surrounding the three sides of the box and you will be able pop the box open with relative ease. Just be careful not to tear the box as, mentioned earlier, the cardboard used is rather thin.

Pop open the box and you will be greeted with Sonico sandwiched in between two plastic blisters. These plastic blisters fill up the entirety of the box with little play in between them. Aside from keeping Sonico fixed in position, these plastic blisters also serve as shock protection, keeping the figure safe from any external forces. Hence, FuRyu had the liberty to go with a thinner cardboard box as these large plastic blisters were more than capable of protecting Sonico.

Within the blisters, you will also find several sheets of plastic which serve as further protection and prevent any paint transfer between Sonico and the blisters. These plastic sheets are soft and smooth which helps avoid any paint transfer between the two.

Additional accessories include a plate of donuts.

There is even an additional layer of plastic between Sonico and the chair.

With everything out of the box, the one thing you will immediately realize is how difficult it is to position Sonico properly. Because she is not fixed to the chair with only minor recesses to guide her position, getting her into the correct spot can prove to be a bit of a challenge. 

While I am very glad that there are no major manufacturing oversights in this Sonico figure, I must admit that my initial impressions of her are rather mixed. Hopefully this will change once I get around to doing a full review of her. For now, that concludes this quick preview and unboxing of Super Sonico Sweets Time Version. Next time, we will be taking an in-depth look at this Sonico figure in our review of her. Until then, thank you so much for reading and have yourself a wonderful day ahead!


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