SIF Coverage - Score Match Round 24

Score Match Round 24 has gone live on SIF's EN Server. Running for 11 days from the 1st till the 11th of April, this will be the first Score Match event using the new format. Aside from that, this is also a double-SR event with the highlight being on You and Chika with the theme this time being "Help". 

You is the first SR member to be unlocked for the event via accumulating Event Points and earning Completion Rewards. Up to three copies of You may be unlocked via the Completion Reward milestones. The first copy comes in at 25,000 Event Points.

Meanwhile, the second copy comes in at 60,000 Event Points. Not too difficult for those planning to tier for the event.

Finally, her third copy comes in at 100,000 Event Points at which point a sizable amount of Love Gems will certainly have to be used in order to obtain her. Then again, for those aiming to surpass this amount of points, they are already planning to tier for the event to begin with.

Moving onto the Event Ranking Rewards, we have Chika's SR unlocked here. Tier 1 unlocks 3 copies, Tier 2 unlocks 2 copies and Tier 3 unlocks 1 copy. In order to idolize her, qualifying for Tier 2 and above is absolutely necessary.

New to this Score Match is the inclusion of Score Match Points Ranking Reward. It may sound like a handful but, what it essentially is, is a form of Matchmaking Rank number. The more wins you accumulate, the more points you get and as you move up in rank, you will constantly be pitted against stronger and stronger players.

As with all other Score Match Events, the Event Live comes in 5 difficulties. Technical Difficulty this time uses Expert Random songs and provide the same rewards as Expert. 

To wrap it all up, KLab provided us with a very special April Fool's Day surprise. What is it? Well, every note you tap (for the first Live) are Alpaca cheers. It is most disturbing but, also in good fun. Next time, we will be taking a look at the SR Help You in both her un-idolized and idolized form. Until then, thank you so much for reading and have yourself  a wonderful day ahead!


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