SIF Coverage - Don't Let Me Go, You Are My Love

After one good week of rest, a new event has begun on SIF's EN Server. This time it is an Eli-centered Token Event titled Don't Let Go, You Are My Love. The event will run for 10 days from the 18th till the 27th of April. While the title may be a direct translation of the Japanese Event's title, the contents of the event are slightly different. More specifically the reward systems which leverages the new Token Event system introduced in the previous Token Event.

As usual, earning Event Points unlocks various rewards as part of the "Completion Reward" with higher milestones offering more lucrative rewards. With no change to the milestones, SR Rock Eli is still unlocked at 11,000 Event Points.

 While the first copy of SR Rock Eli may come from Completion Rewards, additional copies can only be unlocked via means of "Event Ranking Reward". These are your usual Tiers with the first two tiers (Tier 1 and 2) providing additional copies of Eli to be used for idolization via Special Practice. Being a single-SR event, the cutoffs for the Tiers should not be too aggressive. Then again, Eli is one of the more popular members in Muse. So, only time will tell how things proceed.

Score Ranking Reward is present too as with every other Token Event. This score is taken from the player's highest possible score in the Event Song. A well composed team with perfect execution of the Event Song is pivotal in getting a high rank.

Speaking of Event Songs, the featured song this time around is the much loved Eli-Umi duet "Storm in Lover". The "Headphone" tokens are collected via playing normal lives and can then be cashed in to play the Event Live which nets a higher amount of Event Points. From there, it is just a matter or rinse and repeating. With variable LP and Token usage per Live allowed now, getting a higher score is much easier albeit at the cost of certain bonuses.

Next time, we will be taking a look at the event's SR Rock Eli sometime midway through the event. In the meantime, stay tuned to Tiro Finale as we bring you daily content updates. Until then, thank you so much for reading and have yourself a wonderful day ahead!


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