Figure Wishlist - Figma Motoko Kusanagi: S.A.C. Version

Recently, I got myself really hooked on the Ghost in the Shell series, the original not the 2017 live-action adaptation. Of the series, one character that I have found myself extremely fond of is Major Motoko Kusanagi. A great all-round character she may be unfortunately, she never quite got the merchandising expected of the lead character of a major series. As such, figures of Major Kusanagi are few and far in between. 

But with the recent resurgence of popularity and interest in the series with the live-action adaptation and a new series announced, Ghost in the Shell was once again become relevant again. 

Taking advantage of that resurgence is Good Smile Company when they recently announced a re-release of their figma Motoko Kusanagi: S.A.C. Version. Based of the Major's design in the Stand Alone Complex series, she is slated for an August 2017 release. 

Pre-orders are open from now till the 11th of May on Good Smile's Online Shop with a retail price of 5,370 Yen (before tax). Because there are no pre-order bonuses by ordering directly from GSC, I would strongly recommend getting her from other retailers if you are interested as the prices would be lower there. For example, AmiAmi is selling the Major for only 4,700 Yen. 

In terms of accessories, the Major comes with three facial expressions which are a neutral, shouting and smiling face. Other accessories include, the Seburo M-5 pistol and Seburo C-26A assault rifle. Do be careful with the assault rifle's suppressor though as it has a tendency to break the barrel when being inserted and removed.

Originally released in 2015, the Major's figma has gone up in price by close to 1,000 Yen from 4,444 Yen to 5,370 Yen. Otherwise, there are no notable changes to the figure whatsoever. As such, those who did get her earlier definitely got the better end of the bargain.

Honestly, I never considered getting myself a figure from the Ghost in the Shell series much less, want one so badly. Nevertheless with GSC's timely (intentional, perhaps?) re-release of figma Motoko Kusanagi, I find myself wanting this figure very badly especially since she poses so organically with firearms! It looks like Mami will have competition now when it comes to my miniature firearms collection. 

For more information on the figure, do check out GSC's official product page for figma Motoko Kusanagi. As always, all photo credits go towards them as this article merely serves to shed a little light on what has piqued my interest in the figure market. Until then, thank you so much for reading and have yourself a wonderful day ahead!


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