Mami in Action #08

Mami in Action #08 - Predator

What is better than one M4A1 assault rifle? Two M4A1s, of course! Hello and welcome to another addition of Mami in Action! This time, we will be taking a look at Mami's attempt at dual-wielding the M4A1s. While this might sound rather absurd by practical standards, let us not forget that Mami and the rest of the Puella Magi are physically enhanced to superhuman levels. Not to mention,  dual-wielding rifles is practically Mami's forte.

While akimbo MP7s have been featured on Mami in Action before, this is the first time we will be taking a look at something of this caliber. Not only is the M4 significantly longer, it also features a notably larger receiver and magazine. As such, discreet is the last word we would use to describe Mami's loadout for today.

The M4A1 featured are identical models made by Platz as part of their Realistic Weapon Series. If you would like to know more about them, do make sure to check this out.

As for Mami's left hand, they are made by Tomytec to go with their Little Armory series. Here seen in Stealth Black which is identical to the one on her right hand. Symmetry, finally!

Mami brings her new toys out for a test run.

No sights?

No problem!

Compared to her usual percussion lock muskets, Mami benefits from an additional 29 rounds per rifle and (presumably) improved accuracy with the M4.

Mami always practices good trigger finger discipline.

Despite being a carbine, the length of the M4A1 is nearly half of Mami's height!

Their relative weight and length means the M4 have a tendency to fall off the tactical hands.

As always, my recommendation is to use a slight bit of adhesive like a double-sided tape to bond the weapon and arm together. Do it right and every pose can be done effortlessly.

Everybody, freeze!

Figma joints are strong hence, you never have to worry about sagging whenever posing with weapons.

What you do have to worry about is, an unrealistic pose which makes the weapon appear weightless.

Unless said character wielding them already has superhuman strength.

Dual M4A1, useful to have in the event of a zombie invasion or rogue bear attacking the school.

She will kill your waifu. Best not to test her then.


So, what does Mami think of dual-wielding M4A1s?

Dual rifles? Of course she approves!

While initially cumbersome to work with, the dual M4A1s became rather manageable after several minutes of fumbling about. While having a single M4A1 is more than sufficient, there is just a certain charm to dual-wielding them especially for Mami. We are used to seeing Mami dual-wield her muskets with ease so, why not a more modern equivalent?

Well, that has been all for today's installment of Mami in Action. Next time, Mami goes back to a single firearm. But what that may be, stay tuned to find out. Until the next time, thank you so much for reading and have yourself a wonderful day ahead!


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