Super Sonico Sweets Time Version Review

Hello again everyone and welcome to yet another Sonico figure review on Tiro Finale. Today, we will be taking a look at FuRyu's Super Sonico Sweets Time Version prize figure. What started of as simple review quickly took off and became one of my longest figure reviews thus far with slightly over 40 pictures for the entire review. As such, I will cut the introduction short and jump straight into the review.
  • Manufacturer: FuRyu
  • Series: Super Sonico, Sweets Time Version, Seikatsu Micchaku Shuzai Special Figure
  • Price: NA (~1,200 - 1,800 Yen)
  • Release Date: 11/2013
  • Scale: Non-scale
  • Material: PVC
Front View
As stated in the name, Sweets Time, has Sonico kicking back on her couch, watching television while enjoying some snacks. As this is part of Sonico's Everyday Life Series of figures, we have her dressed in her casual shorts and tee. The overall look is certainly convincing although, that sitting position may be rather uncomfortable after awhile. 

Rear View
Much of the rear of the figure is covered entirely by the pink chair that Sonico sits on. Not much going on here as much of the action is focused on the front.

Right View
Viewing Sonico from the sides is where you would usually expect to orientate a traditional figure. With the view from the right hand typically showcasing Sonico's front and outstretched legs.

Left View
While the left side shows off Sonico's long flowing pink hair which is my absolute favorite part of this entire figure. More of it to come as we proceed further down the review.

With the general views covered, let us take a look at some close-ups as we scrutinize the detailing and sculpt for this Sonico figure.

A close-up of Sonico's face immediately draws attention to her big red eyes and slightly messy fringe which frames her facial structure, all of which makes it recognizably Sonico. While features such as her slightly off-centered eyes, the slight blush on her cheeks and her opened mouth as she prepared to take a bite off her doughnut, all work towards adding character to the pose (and figure). In going for a candid expression to freeze-frame Sonico's daily life, I think FuRyu did a very good job here.

If I had any complaints about Sonico's facial details it would be that the finish on her fringe is too messy and clumpy. This problem is especially apparent in towards the center where the various tip-ends of her hair are clumped into a single mass.

Moreover, under higher magnification, it would appear that the decals for Sonico's eyes were slightly misaligned. Nevertheless, this could be an issue apparent only in this particular Sonico figure as decals are applied individually and mistakes such as this occur some times. Fortunately, the mistake is not visible from an arm's length and I certainly hope the same does not occur to yours.

For the most part, Sonico's headphones do a competent job of covering up any visible heads seams. Except for a slight bit of seam visible on the sides, no other head seam is visible.

As for Sonico's signature headphones, they are appropriately sized and detailed. The painting and finishing are rather mediocre with the silver having a rough finish and the black headband having paint spillage over its borders. But, those issues are to be expected from a Sonico prize figure as I have yet to spot one which perfectly executes her headphone's finishing.

Moving on, we arrive at my favorite part of this entire Sonico figure, her hair. The way it flows so effortlessly off her shoulder and the couch is definitely something to marvel about.

Sonico's pink hair flows from the top to the bottom with clear definition and depth evoked by the layering in the sculpt. Rather than just a fixed block of plastic, the sculpt has created a life-like impression of hair with its smooth finish and individual tip-ends.

It really makes for quite a mesmerizing look.
If you are a Sonico fan, I would recommend you buy this figure solely for her wonderful hair.
But, there are several other aspects which help tie the looks of the entire figure together.

One of these aspects, is Sonico's outfit which often plays a big make-or-break role in her figures. Lounging at home at her free time, Sonico is dressed in a white tee, baby blue shorts and a pair of multi-pastel colored knee-high stockings. There is an color scheme variant named the Sweets Time Sherbet Version, which has Sonico in a yellow tee, white shorts and different multi-pastel colored stockings. Aside from that, the color of her couch and doughnuts are different too.

It is certainly a passable look except maybe for her top which does reveal an ample amount of Sonico's cleavage. Then again, what would a Sonico figure be if it did not ooze sex appeal? Part of me is actually glad she is not wearing something even more revealing!

Sonico's bust is so overwhelming, it is even beginning to overflow off her top!

As her top does looks a size too small, it makes perfect sense for her bust to be overflowing from it. Props to the designers and sculptors at FuRyu for not overlooking such a minor detail. While mostly unnoticed, it is little details such as these which really help a figure stand out.

Speaking of overflowing, it is not just Sonico's bust which is doing so as her thighs too have a clear separation with her shorts. Rather than being one continuous mold, there is a clear disconnect at the edges of Sonico's shorts giving the impression that her pair of shorts are a completely separate piece of clothing.

Moreover, there are little details which are not immediately apparent such as this little knot tied at the front of her shorts. This way, Sonico does not have to worry too much about the extra pounds she will gain from all those doughnuts. 

While the knot is only visible from a higher angle, it is definitely a nice touch in terms of detailing.

Sonico's baby blue shorts actually have a textured surface finish to it. Initially, I thought the orange-peel surface was a manufacturing defect. 

Until I noticed a recurring surface texture with Sonico's stockings. It was then that I realized, it was FuRyu's attempt at mimicking a woolen texture. By adding a roughened surface texture, FuRyu wanted to mimic the fluffy feel of wool which would have been a suitable material for Sonico's lounge shorts and stockings. Nevertheless, the implementation falls short and looks more like melted PVC rather than fluffy wool.

Fortunately the "wool" surface is not too noticeable from afar. On top of that, the lovely multi-pastel colors of Sonico's shorts help add a much needed splash of color to the figure.

So, do you prefer Sonico's lower half;

Or upper half?

Aside from her pink couch, Sonico also comes with several accessories. Three to be exact, two of which cannot be moved. The first being the glazed doughnut held in her right hand as she prepares to take a bite off it.

The second being the remote control held in her right hand. What surprised me is just how well the remote control was detailed with each individual button painted in gray over the black body of the remote control. Mighty impressive stuff!

Together, they complete Sonico's Sweets Time pose.

But, there is more! On top of the doughnut held by Sonico, she also has another plate containing two other kinds of glazed doughnuts. 

The plate is in no way fixed to the figure and can be moved around as the user pleases. The official pictures has it placed on the shoulder of the couch right below Sonico's leg. But, you can place it anywhere you desire.

Sonico the glutton?

Feel free to be creative with your placement of the doughnuts prop.

The base of the plate is surprisingly grippy too!

In place of the usual base is a pink couch for Sonico. As you might have noticed, there are no pegs in place to mount the figure like a traditional base. As such, you are free to position Sonico in whichever way that you like. That being said, there is actually an official sitting position.

The couch itself is hollow and very light. In fact, it weighs no more than a normal round base. 

I mentioned earlier an official sitting position for Sonico. This can be achieved by following the molded recessed guide points on the couch.

It may take a little bit of time to get it fitting right. Upon getting it right though, replicating the position is rather simple. One tip is to use her hair as a guide as the right portion of her hair perfectly molds around the chair.

Unfortunately, no television set is included with the figure.

It has been a while since I was quite pleasantly surprised by a figure. My initial impressions were mixed to say the least citing trouble getting Sonico to sit right and the texture of her shorts and stockings as low points. Upon spending a little more time with the review though, I have started to learn the charm of this otherwise unassuming Sonico prize figure. While her hair may definitely be her standout point, her unique sitting pose also is such a pleasure to photograph with various angle to work with. With near perfect proportions and a playful mix of color, I cannot recommend you get this Sonico figure enough.

Affordable, fun and well-made, it is prize figures like these which really help put back the joy in figure collecting. With that, comes a close to this review. If you have any questions about the review or figure, do not hesitate to ask me in the comments section below. I would love to hear what you have to say. Most importantly, I hope you found this review informative or at the very least enjoyed the photos. Until then, thank you so much for reading and have yourself a wonderful day ahead!


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