Sega AG Square Momoe Nagisa 360 View

First, there was the preview and unboxing where we unveiled Sega's Momoe Nagisa. Then, there was the review where we took an in-depth at this wonderful little Nagisa figure. Finally, we are here at the 360 View segment where we attempt to document Nagisa from an all-around aspect. While this particular segment is useful for most figures to give an idea of its scale and shape. For Nagisa though, this proved to be a little moot as she had the large chair obstructing much of her. Nevertheless, it is worth documenting and provides good reference for you the readers. As usual, the animation is above (as you would have noted) followed by the higher resolution stills below. Enjoy!

With that, we wrap up both this week's and Nagisa's review. Next week, we are planning to shift the focus from Madoka Magica to another series. Back to Super Sonico perhaps? Stay tuned to find out. Until then, thank you so much for reading and have yourself a wonderful day ahead!


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