Wave Beach Queens Tomoe Mami (Ver. 1) Preview & Unboxing

Some time back, I enthusiastically previewed this exact same Beach Queens Mami as a candidate for an upcoming review on Tiro Finale. For reasons unknown, I never actually got around to reviewing her and that article too was forever lost in the sea of articles until recently. Looking for a new Mami figure to review and to complete some unfinished business, I set about getting it right this time!

As much of the box has already covered in the previous preview, I am instead going to quickly gloss over the box while covering some angles not previously shown.
The sides of the the box display Mami both Mami's front and back view giving potential customers an idea of what to expect. 

If the clear front window was not enough of a showcase, the rear of the box gives a full shot of Mami as Wave intended. 

The usual warnings and documentations have been relegated to the bottom of the box.

Being part of Wave's Beach Queens collection, the characters do not just wear swimsuits but, have Wave's special H-Neck Joint which allows for limited neck articulation. For an example, check out this gallery I did for another Beach Queens Mami figure.

Being the Special Version, this Beach Queens Mami comes bundled with a 1/10 Charlotte too. How cute!

Flip the box over to reveal its top side;

And carefully pop the lid after removing the seal.

Inside, you will have Mami securely fastened in between two plastic blisters.

Compared to the plastic blisters used in prize figures, these are of considerably higher quality.

Contents include the usual Beach Queens hexagonal sand-textured base.

An adorable little Charlotte stuck onto the plastic blisters as an additional part.

And of course, Mami herself.

While initial impressions are subject to change, I can already see why Wave had no hesitation in making a second and third version of a Swimsuit Mami figure. Perhaps the widespread criticism for this particular Mami figure is justified after all? Personally, there is no way to say for sure until I complete a full and thorough review of this Beach Queens Mami.This time though, I fully intend to complete the review of her. Until then, that has been all for for this quick preview and unboxing. Thank you so much for reading and have yourself a wonderful day ahead!


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