Catch Up Content 11: Run Away, Run, Run Away

What are the odds of finding a Nozomi look alike?
The only day I take off in a week is Saturday, that's the day where I let all my responsibilities go just to get a day of rest before returning to work on Sunday. Sometimes, that means I end up forgetting to update Tiro Finale. At times like these, there's always my reserved translations made for Catch Up Content! Today, we take a look at the ever adorable NozoEli couple.

If you're confused to the context, this comic is actually referring to their song (together with Nico), ? <--HEARTBEAT from the Love Live movie. There's also an actual moment where they put on those shades in an attempt to go all "incognito". 

Well, that's been all for today. Thanks again so much for coming and as always have a great day ahead!


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