SIF Coverage: I Wanna See You Everyday

Right on time, Rin's event "I Wanna See You Every Day" has begun. This time, it's a Token Event which will go on from 4th till the 14th of March. There's no School Idol Diary entry this time as it is just a plain and simple Token Event.  The "Token" this time around is a baseball fitting in with the whole sports theme that's going on. It's a nice match for the self-professed sports fan that is Hoshizora Rin.

Aside from the usual Completion Rewards, there's also the Event Ranking Rewards. Tier 1 denotes the top 1000 ranks while, Tier 2 denotes the top 5000 ranks. These are the only two tiers which grant an additional SR Event Rin which subsequently allows players to idolize her. One noticeable difference from other events is the omission of Scouting Tickets from Tier 1 and 2. For this event, I'm planning  to rank within the top 12,000. It's time to take it easy after going at it for the past two events.

Unique to Token Events are the Song Ranking Rewards where player's individual score in the Event Song is matched against the entire player base. This is where players vie to earn Scouting Tickets with the top 1000 ranked players getting 2 Green Scouting Tickets. Regardless of how well you score though, you're always guaranteed to get an N Event Card, this time it's Jennifer.

Speaking of the Event Song, it's Lily White's Futari Happiness. A Pure Attribute song with a really cute beat. The song rankings I mentioned earlier take your scores from this Event Song be it in Easy, Normal or Hard difficulty. Keep in mind, Expert and 4X songs are non-ranking. As such, always strive to do the best you can for the Hard difficulty song. 

Well, that's been all for today's initial coverage of SIF's latest event. For those participating, I wish you all the best and, most importantly, have fun! Until then, thanks so much for reading and have a wonderful day ahead!


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