SIF Coverage: Score Match Round 17 Begins

Score Match Round 17 has begun and here on Tiro Finale, we're gonna fill you in with all the essential information you'll need to know about School Idol Festival's latest event. Taking the form of a Score Match, this event will run the usual 10 day course from the 18th of March till the 28th of March. During the course of the event, you'll be playing score matches, collecting points and earning awesome rewards along the way including the SR card for this event, Sonoda Umi. More on that in a bit but, for those of you asking, what's a Score Match? Put simply, it's SIF's idea of a PvP (player versus player) event which can be broken into these simple steps:
  1. Join Score Matches
  2. Enter Matchmaking Lobby - with up to 3 other players
  3. Play the Event Song/Live - randomly selected
  4. Results Revealed - the player with the highest score takes first place and so on
  5. Earn Event Points - earn bonus multipliers by scoring higher (S Rank, etc.) and placing higher (1st place, etc.)
  6. Earn Event Rewards
  7. Repeats Steps 1-6
Of course, don't forget to take into consideration that there's no outside help meaning you do not get that precious point boost from your academy friends like you'd do for an ordinary live. Just like any ordinary live, if you fail mid-song you fail completely  but, only difference is there are no retries, not even with Love Gems. Along the way, you'll earn event points which unlock you new and exciting rewards. Hit 25,000 points, which you should really aim for, and you get the event's SR card, the SR Sonoda Umi Flower Viewing Version.

Pure may not be Umi's core attribute (it's cool if you're wondering) but, the stats are still relatively good and it has a high percentage Perfect Lock skill. As with every other SIF event, scoring within the Top 1000 (Tier 1) and Top 5000 (Tier 2) will net you two and one additional SR event cards respectively. If you're planning to bolster your team or are just an Umi fan, this is what you ought to aim for as it will allow you to idolize the standard SR Umi. 

Here comes the little twist, out of nowhere, KLab decided to add the SIF Score Challenge 2016 songs into the B-Sides roster as well over the next 10 days. This time limited songs would leave many in limbo as whether to spend the precious points on earning more event points or netting rewards from these time limited additions. 
Takaramonos and Paradise Live may not be a big deal as they appear fairly early in the Hits roster but, Angelic Angel is a big deal especially for me. If you're not familiar with it, Angelic Angel is one of the new singles introduced in the movie and, in my opinion, one of Muse's top songs to date. Everything down from the lyrics to composition are spot on and with Eli being the center, it just turns into a song with one of the strongest group vocal performance yet. It just goes to show how far Muse has grown over the years to deliver a fantastic song that is catchy from the get go and can be heard over and over again.

In my opinion, you should carefully allocate your Live Points between the event and these time limited songs because the rewards they offer themselves are more than sufficient argument. With the Expert songs alone, you're looking at getting ~5 Love Gems and the Hard Songs another ~7000 Friendship Points. Don't forget, Takaramonos, Paradise Live and Angelic Angel aren't normally B-Sides either meaning if you can earn rewards by playing it both as a B-Side and a Hit song. Double rewards! Have I gotten your attention yet?

With that, we come to a close for the introduction to Score Match Round 17. How will the competition be? Initial predictions see a slow event with relatively low cutoffs but, only time will tell. If you're planning on tiering, I wish you all the best! In the meantime, thanks so much for reading and, until next time, have a great day!


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