My Kryptonite, The Garden of Glass

It would seem School Idol Festival has a habit of making my favorite songs also the toughest songs for me to attain a Full Combo. First there was Dancing Stars on Me! which I ranted about a few days ago. But, beneath that lies another song which I have struggled for an even longer time.

It's a song that is of great importance to me largely because I'm a huge fan of the NozoEli ship and this song is very much the official anthem of the couple. If you're still clueless to what I'm talking about, the song I'm referring to is "Garasu no Hanazono" or Garden of Glass in English. If you haven't already heard the song, I strongly recommend that you do before reading forth. 
Heard the song already? Good. It's a pretty slow song wouldn't you say so? So, it would come as a surprise to know just how much I struggled to get it right. I finally did though! I finally did but, not after more tried then I am proud to admit.

How many times? 78 times in total. By the time I hit the 489th note on the 78th time of playing the song without any mistakes, a wave of relief just came over me. It was like Dancing Stars on Me! all over again, just better.
Garasu no Hanazono is a song that means a lot to me and one that I couldn't stop listening to when I first found out about it. Because of SIF though, I started to dislike it, often skipping it on my playlist because of all the horrid memories of failing to Full Combo the song. Now though, things are much different. Once again, I'm able to hum along to the beat that is the Garden of Glass. Oh, and what a wonderful track it is.
Remember Kira-Kira Sensation? Well, I finally got that right too! What's next? Well, there's Garasu no Hanazono in Technical (11 Star) difficulty but, I ain't touching that with a 10 foot pole anytime soon. I'm happy with being able to appreciate the song, for now.

Well, that's all for today's quick update. Hope your weekend has been going along fine so far. Until the next time, have a fantastic day ahead!


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