Farewell to Farewells

For much too long, I've been avoiding Muse's final single. Constantly telling myself I would get around to listening to it but, never actually do it by the virtue of my own deed. This time, it wasn't a busy schedule or professional obligations which held me back, it was just me. I wasn't ready to let go off Muse just yet especially since they meant so much to me. In my mind, listening to the final single(s), Moment Ring and Sayounara e Sayonara, was just that, letting go of what had been an amazing 6 years for everyone. You needn't listen to the song to even know what it meant, the title spoke volumes and for the month since it released, I just couldn't muster the courage to listen to it.

Day after day passed and it grew closer and closer to the Final Live. Back then, I was still rather frustrated about not being able to attend the Final Live in Tokyo Dome but, as I found out, many others too. I wasn't alone and, fortunately for me, there were still live viewing. With each faithful day passing, it grew closer to the Final Live.  

I told myself, there's no way I am going to partake in the Final Live without having listened to their final single. To do that would have been a sign of utter disrespect everyone at Muse who worked so hard to achieve what they did over the pass 6 years and so, I did it. The first time I listened to Moment Ring, I had mixed feelings. The lyrics was really beautiful and meaningful but, it felt a little lacking especially after the masterpiece that was Bokutachi was Hitotsu no Hikari. I won't lie though, listening to it a few more times had me completely hooked especially the lyrics. Now, I can't stop listening to it.

Then, there was Sayounara e Sayonara which, if you've noticed, is the title for this article as well. Saying farewell to farewells. Was I ready to let go of Muse and move on? Turn to the next chapter of my life and perhaps once in a while look back mildly fondly thinking about the 9 2D idols and their real life 3D counterparts. No. No, I wasn't. But, if anything, that's why Sayounara e Sayonara resonates so strongly with me and I knew everything was going to be alright from the moment the first verse ended. It isn't about being sad for the end of something rather, to cherish all that is good and great because it was. Or as many like to quote "Don't cry because it is over, smile because it happened".

Just like many others, Muse means a lot to me and there are no shortage of confessions out there on how Muse changed their lives (refer: reddit) for the better. While I don't claim to be their biggest fan, Muse came to me (like so many others) at a very important time in my life. Put simply, Muse quite literally changed my life and set it for a course I would never have expected nor have the courage to embark on. But, that's a story for another day. Now I know to the layperson, this might sound absolutely insane! It's almost like a religion wouldn't you say? Fawning over 9 animated school idols and cheering for their real life counterparts prancing all over stage to their cutesy songs. But, Muse is so much more than that. So much more than the song and dance, which while great, isn't the greatest part of we love Muse so much.

Hope. Courage. Friendship. Hardwork. Loyalty. Love. And most importantly, Dreams. To not just dare to dream but, to achieve those dreams; that is what Muse has taught us all. In a way, the journey the 9 voice actresses had and the success they achieved in these 6 years is almost a real life version of the anime's story and that just makes it all the more beautiful. Whether or not this was what they set out to do from the get go, I can now without an ounce of regret, wish them all the best for things to come in the future.

Eli (Nanjolno

Nozomi (Kussun)

Nico (Soramaru)

Maki (Pile)

Hanayo (Shikaco

Rin (Rippi)

Umi (Mimorin)

Kotori (Ucchi)

Honoka (Emitsun)


Thank You.


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