SIF Coverage: Score Match Round 17 Umi SR

We're currently at Day 7 of the event, meaning we are two thirds through our timeline of this event! Around this time, many players who are planning to tier would have started to obtain this event's SR Umi card already. It's also a sign that the competition is starting to heat up nearing the final leg of the event. What started out as a relatively mellow event has started to real pick up pace with the cutoff having gone up significantly. 

When you think about it, for players on the EN Server, this is the final SIF Event before Muse's final Live this coming 31st of March and 1st of April. That itself would explain the sudden renewed interest in this event. Not that I'm complaining or anything, as I'm being pretty swept up with emotions over these last few days. Making this event a memorable one is definitely a great way to symbolically send them off while, inviting Aquors to the fore.
But, enough about that before I break down into an emotional mess, we're here today to talk about the Event SR which I have dubbed, Sakura Umi. Officially though, it's called the Flower Viewing version. I can go on about how お花見 (flower viewing) can also be read as sakura-viewing but, that's nonsense for another time. For now, we take a close look at Umi, her stats, skills and attributes. 

As you can see, the card is of a Pure Attribute with a Perfect Lock skill, 64% chance every 13 seconds for 2 seconds. That's a rapid fire Perfect Lock and is essential to building any Perfect Lock team. Stats wise, 3650 Pure at Level 1 and 4480 Pure at Level 60 aren't too shabby either. Lastly, her leader skill is Pure Heart (like most other SRs) and will only increase Pure attribute nominally. It's only the URs which usually drastically boost an attribute.

What about the design of the card itself? Well, it's definitely very Umi-like which is sure to please many of her fans. As we all know, Umi isn't a fan of short or frilly skirts hence, the dark tights beneath. The Sakura petals in the background are a really nice touch too! Of course, the sakura-theme only goes full blown once you idolize her.

To know what that looks like, well you'll have to wait till the end of the event to find out. Alternatively, you could just find out online really. Online resources like School Idol Tomodachi and decaf.kouhi are great places to learn more about SIF. I'm just here to give my take on the events and hope you find it useful.

Alright! Once again, thank you so much for reading. Until next time, have a great day ahead!


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