SIF Coverage: I Wanna See You Everyday Preview

A new Token Event entitled "I Wanna See You Everyday" will begin on School Idol Festival tomorrow (March 4th) and run all the way till the March 14th. This time, the focus of the event will be on the ever cheerful sport lover Hoshizora Rin. As you can probably tell from the splash image, it will be a baseball theme this time around with the Event SR Baseball Rin having a Smile Attribute (her core).

What's a Token Event? Well, that's all explained in the image above. Therefore, the steps to play this event are:
  1. Play Live Shows
  2. Collect "Ball" Tokens (during the Live)
  3. Use "Ball" Tokens to play the Event Live (Futari Happiness)
  4. Earn Event Points
  5. Profit! Repeat steps 1-4.
Simple isn't it? As usual to make the event more interesting, there will be special additions such as, 4x Point Event Songs, EX Event Song and Double Gold Live Shows. The latter being a really effective way of earning gold especially for newer players.

The Event Song, Futari Happiness, will be a Pure Attribute song taken from Lily-White's roster hence, Rin's involvement. Although the attribute may not match the Event SR, that's of little consequence. If you're planning on getting a Full Combo, take note that the Hard difficulty song has 271 notes while, the Expert difficulty song has 493 notes (ouch!).

Depending on where you live, the time for when the event differs largely due to time zone difference. So, take note of the table above if you want to get cracking on the event the moment it begins.

Now, to be patient and await the start of the event. Until then, stay tuned to Tiro Finale for more SIF coverage and have a great day ahead!


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