Nanorich Super Sonico Review: Part 2

Let's Review: Griffon Enterprise Nanorich Super Sonico SoniComi Yoroshiku Onegaishimasu Version

As promised, before the end of the week, the second part of the Nanorich Sonico will be complete. For this part of the review, we'll be taking a look at the finer details of the figure.

Starting with the inscription on Sonico's dress, which writes SoniComi in katakana. Below it is gibberish which is difficult to make out even with much magnification. Although, it does look to read "Yoroshiku Onegaishimasu". 

Here we can take a look at the multi-colored pattern on the hoodie. Rather than being painted on, this looks more like a printed on detail. Hence, the accuracy of print throughout. There's a visible head seam which runs across the head but, that is unavoidable because of the need to change face plates.
Towards the back, the pattern is also printed accurately and neatly spanning across the entire hoodie and the tail As a bonus, the tail is removable too!
The inside of the hoodie is also colored orange as it should be. It is a faithful reproduction of the original design and helps to add a splash of contrasting color.
Meanwhile, the pink stockings have white stars on them. Just like the pattern on the hoodie, the pattern here is neatly printed without any visible seams or spills.
Moving down to the feet are Sonico's light green boots. It is indeed a nice bright color especially with the white laces. Because the laces are layered, the finishing has to be done in paint rather than print. As such, it isn't as accurate and consistent throughout.
Considering the size of the boots though, it's a small matter and one you would hardly notice at all.
Going back top, here's a look at the fluffy ears on Sonico's hoodie. 
It is a nice little touch that looks adorable and is sized appropriately.  

Sonico is designed wearing a pink wristband on both hands and this largely has to do with the changeable hands. Placing the wristband there helps to cover up any unsightly seams that may be present.
Even then, the fit isn't completely snug and some signs of a seam line, however minimal, is still noticeable. 
Still, as I've mentioned in my initial review, at the right angle Sonico is downright adorable! Some may be turned away by the 3,500 Yen price tag considering it to be too expensive. But, in my opinion. it's well worth the cost as it is a highly commendable effort on Griffon's part. It may not have been a perfect Sonico figure by any means but, it is a very good try at one.

I will be dedicating another post specifically to cover the speaking base in the coming week. Until then, thanks so much for reading and have a great day.


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