SIF Coverage: I Wanna See You Every Day Conclusion

Rin's Token Event, I Wanna See You Every Day, has finally ended after 10 days of Futari Happiness. This time around, the competition wasn't as fierce and, as a result, the cutoffs were rather low. If you were looking for a relatively easy to get Idolized SR, this was going to be your event. Not to mention, the idolized Rin looks pretty good too with some awesome stats to back her up. After all, Smile is a her core attribute.

Starting with the coveted top spot, this time it goes to "luckyssl" with a staggering 520,000 points. Judging from the round number, I suspect that to be the maximum number of points obtainable before reaching a hard cap. Equally impressive are joint second place positions "Histy 3:14" and "CoolguyNya". Aside from wicked player names, they both have an impressive 314,159 points to their name. Don't forget, this is a Token Event and scoring that much points is nothing short of a laborious task. 

Moving on, there's the cut-off for Tier 1 with the Top 1000 spots. Earlier I mentioned how the competition this time was not as heated and that's clearly reflected in the cut-off for the 1000th position sitting at just 25,839 points.
To make that point even more apparent, just take a look at the cut-off for Tier 2 which is at 18,726 points for the 5000th position. The point gap between Tier 1 and 2 are just slightly over 7,000 points which makes a very narrow margin indeed.

What's the reason for this occurrence? Aside from the widened expanded tiers (now at 5000 instead of 4500 previously), there's also something to do with Rin's popularity. Rin has never been the most popular character among the 9 and that's especially apparent in the EN Servers.

Now, let's just shift the spotlight onto me for a short while to assess, where did I stand? Luckily for me, I placed comfortably in the higher end of Tier 2 with 21,545 points at 1969th position. I could have stopped at 20 odd thousand points but, the fear of a sudden "Wonderful Rush" and the 21,000 point mark reward being a Love Gem was more than enough reason for me to aim a little higher.
No regrets here as I cash in my rewards for this event. The 3 Love Gems are for ranking within the Top 12,000 positions for the event song. I would have preferred to finish within the Top 5000 and receive at Scouting Ticket instead but, alas my Pure Team just wasn't up to the task just yet. I finished somewhere in the mid 5000th position which was so close, yet so far. Next time!

Be-fitting the baseball theme that the event has going on, Jennifer, this event's N card, too idolizes into a baseball uniform styled outfit. Haven't you always found it weird how Jennifer doesn't have a surname?
Next up, we have the star of the show, quite literally, Hoshizora Rin! Shining bright like a star-lit night sky, Rin's smile SR card looks great as is. The whole baseball theme fits her like a glove, no pun intended, and this is one of the few event cards I would recommend to never miss.

Idolized, Rin switches to a sporty yet playful outfit which fits her personality perfectly. Little touches like the orange scarf and over-sized "R" plus the black shorts really help bring the whole design together. 

If that alone wasn't enough to persuade you, Rin has some pretty epic stats to back her up too. Her innate skill "Two-Player Catch" is a form of Perfect Lock with a high (50%) chance of triggering every 20 notes. Then, there is the Smile attribute which sits at 4720 points, a tall figure even by SR standards. It certainly helps that Smile is Rin's core attribute hence, any Smile card of hers would be especially good.

What a fun event it has been! While there wasn't a School Idol Diary entry like we usually see with Token Events, that's fine as I'm sure there will be more coming in the future. So, how was the event like for you?

Either way, thanks so much for reading and, once again, have a great day ahead!


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