Dancing Stars on Me!

Dancing Stars on Me, it's one of Muse's more popular songs and rightly so. Featured in the sixth episode of the second season of Love Live's anime, the track is instantly recognizable with its catchy beat and easy to follow lyrics. Top that of with the equally popular Halloween Live outfits and you have a recipe for merchandising. Look no further than a whole Ichiban Kuji lottery full of Love Live merchandise based of this song.

It's also one of my favorite songs especially since it features Nozomi as the center, a role I find which fits her very well for this song. But, in School Idol Festival, this has been a song I have dreaded to play for a considerable period of time now. Solely on the grounds of not being able to Full Combo it. It wouldn't be so bad if I was making multiple mistakes instead, I found myself falling prey to the same few notes. This ended up breaking my combo where in a sea full of perfects and greats, lied a single (sometimes more) good or bad.

Having tried and failed so many times, it was disheartening and downright depressing to the point where I stopped trying altogether. For a good month or so, I just left the song as is and went on to play other songs which had debuted. Then, 9 days before the song was due to be removed from the EX roster, I decided to give it one more shot at getting it right!

Well, when I say one more shot, what I actually mean is dozens of tried over the next 3 days before eventually getting it right. The final score, an S Score and Combo after 73 tries. The most I've ever played to get a song right. A sea of relief washed over me as I successfully achieved a Full Combo and the reward for it, was a worthwhile one indeed.

It was not the single Love Gem reward but, the lesson to never give up and keep striving that was the most worthwhile reward of Dancing Stars on Me. Only by consistently trying and putting in effort will we find ourselves improving which is unusual lesson to be learned from a rhythm game of all things. 

Next up? Kira-Kira Sensation! I've nearly got the hang of it and before long, I should be able to master it too. So, here's a tip for all of you struggling out there with your SIF songs, just keep trying and never give up because you never known when your effort will pay off. Until next time, have a great day ahead!


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