Tomoe Mami Swimsuit Version Gallery

Staring at my largely still-in-box figure collection, I asked myself "What do I want to feature today?". I initially grabbed the DX Figure Mami hoping to do a short refresh gallery on it but, almost instantly, my mind changed and I knew the figure I would like to feature today.
It's easily one of the most, well, attractive Mami figures ever made and one that I had planned to re-feature for a while now. Looking back at my initial shots of Wave's Mami Swimsuit Version, I wasn't exactly much pleased with what I did then. Hence, I figured, why not have another go at it? This, is the result of that simple thought process.
Despite all the time which has passed, this is one of those figures which I still have so much trouble photographing its beauty. Even now, I'm not completely pleased with how the photos turned out. There's definitely room for improvement, perhaps a different background in the future?

Aside from the amazing sculpt of Mami's figure (and I don't mean just her bust), the twin tails are also majestic! They exude a true "ojou-sama" aura to them and are a great compliment to Mami's blonde hair.
Still, I do not feel that these pictures do not do justice to the figure especially when it comes to the proportions and scale of it all. If you ever get the chance to see one up close, I highly recommend it. Not just that, purchase it too!

But, with stocks becoming increasingly rare, this Mami figure is slowly becoming something of a collector's only item. If you have even a passing interest in collecting Madoka Magica - or Mami in particular - figures, I strongly recommend you place this as a high priority on the list.

Sure it has its little flaws here and there but, the more you spend time appreciating this Mami figure, the more you come to appreciate its overwhelming beauty. The sculpt for one is ridiculously impressive, just take a look at Mami's abdomen.
Of course, an equal amount of attention has been placed on Mami's bust as well and the swimsuit design just those wonders to accentuate her beauty.
And there you have it, one of the most beautiful Mami figures out there today. With that, I'll leave you here with this parting shot which also happens to be one of my favorite. 

One day, I'll definitely revisit this figure with aims of taking even better shots. For now, I take my leave and thank you so much for reading. Until the next time, have a great day ahead folks!


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