Catch-Up Content 14: School Idol Festival Christmas Edition

Honoka & Rin look so alike!
Saturdays are usually the day I take off to get some rest. As such, unless our other writers are doing something, Saturday is usually a gap day of content on Tiro Finale. That's why we have the Catch-Up Content where I'm able to make up for the lost day without having to put in too much work the following day. Simple, fun and easy to read 4-koma comics are always great to have! 

Again with their bread and ramen...

Indeed, rest is important.

More chocholate!

Everyone is happy in the end!
I hope you've enjoyed the comics for today. Eli-chi is cute as always and seeing her portrayed like this is a nice change of pace too. Until next time, thanks so much for reading and have a great weekend!


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