My Birthday Gift

Over this past weekend, I celebrated my birthday. Another year older, another year wiser or at least I hope. As with every other birthday, one of the best part of it has to be the gifts. Continuing the tradition of receiving a Nendoroid every year as a gift from my friends, surprise! A new Nendoroid to the collection, this time the hot headed but, resourceful Sakura Kyouko.

While, to some degree and extent, I had expected it to be a figure, never would I have guessed that it would be Kyouko. Not that I disapproved in any way, no! It was really nice to add some variety to the collection and one more member of the Magica Quartet certainly didn't hurt. Not to mention, Kyouko has the awesome modular spear as her primary weapon! Now with one more Nendoroid to the collection, came a new problem to the fold.
That's right, it's Sayaka because the Red would never be complete without her accompanying lovely Blue. A quick search on Mandarake later and, there she was, Nendoroid No. 209 Miki Sayaka in relatively mint condition and selling for only 2,500 Yen. So there we have it, a new figure to the collection courtesy of the great people I am lucky to call friends. Best return the favor when their special days come around too.

Alright, that's been all for this quick weekend update. Hope to see you soon again on another article coming to at Tiro Finale. Until then, have a great day!


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