SIF Coverage: Score Match Round 17 Conclusion

It is done, Score Match Round 17 has come to and end. The final SIF Event before Muse's final Live, which begs the question, how did it all go? Put simply, a lot more heated than expected and I expect no shortage of players who were burned by the sudden steep rises in the cutoffs. Without wasting any time, let's get straight into the analysis of it all.
Starting with the very top positions, congratulation to those who made it into to the Top 5 positions, I'm sure it's an especially important achievement for them considering the timing of the event. Further evidence of that is in the 3rd till 4th positions which read out "Dreams Come True Together!". While there were plans on getting the Top 10 to write a special message for Muse, looks like that plan hasn't come to fruition just yet. I find it especially funny how the 1st position has the username "NEW RECORD". 

Moving onto Tier 1 (Top 1000), we see the cutoff sitting at 68,570 points. While it is no doubt a rather high score to achieve, arguably the biggest competition was going on in the next tier.

Tier 2 (Top 5000) proved to be a really competitive field with the cutoff being 52,112 points. That's just 16,000 points difference between Tier 1 and 2 but, that's not even the most surprising factor. What was initially predicted to be a 45,000 point cutoff quickly jumped to 50,000 mid-event and even on the last day, it jumped to a further 51,500 points. I can imaging many players making a mad dash near the end of the event to secure their position in Tier 2. So, congratulations Senpai-kun, you earned it!
What about me? I invested early in the event thinking it would be fairly straight forward, halfway through I quickly realized things were taking a sharp turn and I had to make a call. Cut my losses or fully commit? After some thinking and number crunching, I made the call to go for it! Not forgetting my usual +1 Love Gem strategy, I invested 11 Love Gems and safely secured my position in the center of Tier 2 at 3,151th Position. Just where I like it.

What's the "+1 Love Gem Strategy"? It's simple really, just always use one extra Love Gem than you allocated for the event to help create a point buffer of sorts. It may sound like an unnecessary investment just to secure your position but, trust me on this, once burned, twice shy. After all, why would you want to miss out on all those awesome rewards you get for qualifying for Tier 2? 

Before I show you the SR Umi, let's quickly go over the often over-looked Event N Card. This time we have Rakshata with a Smile Attribute and outfits which fit nicely into the whole flower theme. The un-idolized version does look sweet and demure but, wait till you check out the idolized version.
The flower theme is taken all the way with her flower adorned pink dress. It really suits her and it's no doubt a lovely illustration/design for an N card.

Here is what it looks like in the card form.

Now for the star of the show, Sonoda Umi. We've seen the un-idolized Flower Viewing SR card so, now it's time to take a look at the idolized version.


One thing which surprised me the most about Umi's SR has to be the stats. A total of 4,760 Pure points at Level 80 edges out even my beloved Snow Bunny Nozomi by 10 points making it my second most "powerful" Pure card. Am I glad I decided to tier for this event.

Not forgetting, here's how Umi looks in card form. Everything just fits nicely into the frame.

Now, before I leave you for the day, here's a quick announcement made on SIF for those of you who might have missed it. There are now 25 million players worldwide playing SIF and part of this achievement, KLab will be giving out bonus rewards for the entire week starting the 29th of March.

So, don't forget to log in everyday! Until then, thank you so much for reading and have a great day ahead!


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