SIF Coverage: Score Challenge 2016 Bonus

The first ever School Idol Festival live tournament, outside of Japan, begins today all the way for three days till the 27th of March. Dubbed the SIF Core Challenge, this event is hosted as part of animeBOSTON 2016 and for those of you unable to attend, yours truly included, worry not! Because KLab has been kind enough to give out some awesome goodies as part of this 3 day Thanksgiving celebration.
For these 3 days, players will be able to collect additional login bonuses simply by logging in daily. The first day's bonus is a Green Scouting Ticket followed by 50,000 G for the second day and finally ending with another Green Scouting Ticket. When you think about it, each scouting ticket cost a potential 5 Love Gem on top of netting you a chance at an R/SR/UR card. Two of them? That's a great reward although, I'm planning to hold onto mine for the time being until the new version comes out.
One funny bug which did occur today is the appearance of an old Score Match banner in the Notifications section. I'm not sure what I did to make it appear as I've been unable to repeat it ever since. Still, it's pretty interesting to see such artifacts in the system.

One last thing before I end today's update, I had another encounter with the dreaded bots. Only this time, they were sporting even sillier names like Square and Big Student. Again, I was utterly defeated by them which came as no surprise. Oh, well all part of the game.

Fortunately, I am still very much enjoying the game and don't see myself stopping anytime soon either. I hope the same applies for you too! Until the next time, thanks so much for reading and have a great day ahead!


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