10 Reasons to Love Senjougahara Hitagi

Hello, everybody and welcome to another installment of Monogatari Thursdays. Filling in for Takuya today, I will be doing my best to provide you with some quality content analysis of the Monogatari Series. I may just be a novice to the series only having watched Bakemonogatari and one half of Nisemonogatari but, I am confident today's article will resonate with many of you from the long time fans to the new viewers. So without further ado, I bring you the 10 reasons to love Senjougahara Hitagi!

1. Her good looks
Senjougahara is an incredibly beautiful lady and that much is known both inside and outside of the series. Outside of the series, she has no shortage of fans with many often giving her the title of "Best Girl". With the looks to back it up, there is indeed no arguing with that statement. Moreover, she is recognized as a genuine beauty within the series with both male and female characters alike falling for Senjougahara's beauty. Her striking Asian features give her a distinct facial appearance without having to fall back on the typical anime stereotype features. Truly, a beauty of the ages.

2. Her figure
Backing up her good looks are her equally incredible figure. While Senjougahara makes little mention of her beauty, she is quick to point out the confidence in her figure and rightly so. With a svelte figure and long legs, Senjougahara strikes the perfect balance of proportions, again, without having to resort to the usual anime stereotypes features. It does not matter if you are fan of the typical busty or loli characters, I am sure everyone can universally agree that Senjougahara's figure is a perfect ten.

3. Tsundere
Do you like anime? If your answer is yes, then you would most certainly like tsundere(s) too. Too much of an over generalization? Nah, you are just overthinking it. Moving on!

5. Yandere
What is better than a beautiful, purple haired tsundere? One with slight injections of yandere too, of course! She will act like she does not care about you but, even the slightest bit of interaction with anyone else which she deems to be getting to close, you can be certain he/she is dead. Yes, that is right. She will kill for you, or you if it comes to it, and there is nothing better than that.

5. Her purple hair
Speaking of purple hair, Senjougahara is one of the few anime characters who has purple hair especially in this shade. It is such an oddity even in these parts of anime and something that certainly adds a unique flair to each character with Senjougahara being no exception. Long or short, you just have to love her dark purple locks!

6. Her unique arsenal
Spoiler alert. Senjougahra uses stationery as her weapon of choice. These may seem like such an unlikely choice even when you think about it. Sure cutting blades and scissors can be very lethal but, they are not what one would traditionally consider as weapons. Nevertheless, Senjougahara wields them with the proficiency of a master swordsmen and that is just another reason why you should love her. That, or maybe I just have a thing for characters who pull out weapons from their skirts?

7. Her sharp tongue
She will call you an insect, trash, despicable and worse. All of which would make you consider the act of committing suicide. Then, there is her uncanny ability to always be on the dot with her observations and deductions. A sharp tongue couple with a sharp mind is nothing to be trifled with and Senjougahara uses the combination with surprising effectiveness. But, at the end of the day, know that she still loves you and that, you too, love her.

8. Her personality
As I said earlier, no matter what you do, Senjougahra will always love you. With a heart of gold and an undying devotion to those that she cares about, she may harbor an ice cold personality on the surface but, deep inside she is a caring and loving individual. Only wanting to do right by those she loves and wanting to protect them above all else, Senjougahara is a reliable friend, responsible senior, diligent student and, most importantly, a devoted lover.

9. Her intelligence
Behind all that beauty, is plenty of brains to match. Senjougahara is not just another pretty face, with both book and street smarts to back her up. Placing 7th overall in school is no mean feat and Senjougahara manages it with little to no studying at all. Meanwhile, her difficult upbringing has taught her first hand to be careful and skeptical of any situation she faces allowing her to never be caught off-guard. With a perfect combination of brains and beauty, she is someone you truly do not want to mess with.

10. That head tilt
Lastly, there is Shaft's signature head tilt. Yes, this may be a Shaft signature move more than it is Senjougahara's but, the way she pulls it off is nothing short of superb. Many characters before and after her have tried but, none to the great effect and drama that Senjougahara does. The perfect icing on the cake for the 10 reasons to love Senjougahara. 

Because who else could possibly be best girl?
With that, comes an end to this list. Undeniably, Senjougahara Hitagi deserves the undisputed title of "Best Girl" regardless of who you are. So much so, it is a undeniable fact rather than a statement. After all, who could possibly top Senjougahara and all of her qualities? Certainly no one else that I am able to think of which can best her especially not within the series.

I mean, who else could possible come close to the combination of beauty and brains that Senjougahara has? No one, that is who. In conclusion, keep you focus entirely locked onto Senjougahara and devote your entire attention towards her because no other character matters, least of all Hanekawa Tsubasa. Whatever you do, pay no heed to Hanekawa. Remember, Senjougahara equals Best Girl and that is all you need to know. Until the next time, thank you so much for reading and have yourself a wonderful day ahead!


  1. "10 reasons to love Senjougahara Hitagi"
    What? You need reasons? Hitagi is life. Definitely best girl.


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