SIF Coverage - Score Match Round 26

A new event has started in the SIF's WW Server, Score Match Round 26 which will run for eleven days from the 23rd of June till the 3rd of July. As the name suggests, this is a Score Match of SIF's equivalent of a PvP event with double-SR up for grab too. This time, the highlight of the event falls upon Mari and Yohanne who are both part of the New Year's Food theme. 

Mari will be the first of the two Event SR which can be unlocked. A total of three copies may be unlocked via Completion Rewards. The first copy is unlocked via accumulating 25,000 Event Points. 
The second copy is unlocked upon accumulating 60,000 event points. Along the way, players would also unlock various other rewards following the event's milestones. 
The third, and final, copy is unlocked at 100,000 Event Points. This is a rather daunting figure especially for a Score Match where the points come in rather slowly. As such, I am really hoping that Tier 2 would not surpass or even come near to this figure. 

Then, there is SR Yoshiko/Yohanne who is unlocked via the usual Event Ranking Reward. Tier 1 and 2 reward 3 and 2 copies respectively and are absolutely pivotal requirements if you intend to idolize her without the use of stickers. 
All SIF events now have an MMR system of sorts with Score Match's one being especially competitive. While I personally do not pay too much mind to it as the top spots are generally reserved for players with very very strong squads. 

And that is pretty much all I have to say about the new event. Next time, we will be taking a look at SR New Year's Food Mari in both her un-idolized and idolized form. I hope you look forward to it! Until the next time, thank you so much for reading and have yourself a wonderful day ahead!


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