A Little Mami

For the month of June, I decided to hold off from getting any new figures as I would be visiting Tokyo later in July. But, the itch to get something proved far too strong and when presented with the opportunity to join in with Takuya's shipment from Mandarake, I immediately started browsing. Preferring to get something cheap rather than go all out, I finally settled on this adorable metal key holder made by Broccoli. 

The key holder itself was fairly rare having been launched back in 2011 but, what was even more impressive was the price of the item itself! Only 200 Yen! When you consider that the original price was 700 Yen, being able to get it sealed and brand new at this price was a real steal!

Mami herself was fairly short measuring only 40 mm in total length. But, the entire charm felt really solid because of its metal construction with sharp clean printing on the surface. I would have preferred if the charm was a little larger but, this size does make it fit easily in pockets.

Here is a closer look at the Mami charm. As mentioned earlier, the entire charm is made of metal and the quality construction is definitely felt. Broccoli also uses this same Mami design for several other Madoka Magica merchandise. 

Flip the charm around to the back and you will have the Puella Magi Madoka Magica logo printed on it together with the relevant trademarks. I am a little worried that the shiny back may start to dull over time due to the contact with my keys and pocket. I will have to be careful.

Besides the key ring, there is also a hook which allows you to hook it onto various loops to secure the key holder in place. It may not look like it serves much purpose at first but, it can actually be a very useful especially when you have no intention to loose your keys yet want to secure it somewhere. 

The entire product, at the end of the day, is just a very simple trinket release back when the Madoka Magica anime first aired. For me, it came at a perfect time as I had been looking for a new key holder for a while ever since my old one got too worn out. So, while this may not hold any particular special meaning for me, I was extremely shocked to find out just how much some re-sellers are selling it for! Suddenly this little charm has become that much more special for me. 

With that, comes an end to today's short and sweet update. Thank you so much for reading and, until the next time, have a great week ahead!


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