SIF Coverage - Challenge Festival Round 3 Conclusion

After 10 days of healthy competition, Challenge Festival Round 3 has finally come to an end. This has been one of the more controlled events in a long time following the predicted cutoffs with no sudden rushes despite being a double-SR event with strong members up for grabs. Without further ado, let us jump straight into the event rankings followed by an in-depth look at SR Rainy Season Hanayo. 

Topping the leader boards, we have the Top 5 finishers starting with AsumiKana with a little over two million points. Next up are RiceQueen and WashiQueen tied for second place with the same exact score of 1.6 million event points. Fourth place goes to Reborn with 1.25 million points and fifth place to SIF WW's resident highest ranking player, Kintolesky, with 840,000 points. 

Following that, we have Tier 1 cutting off at 1200th position. The final spot for this tier goes to kia with 139,181 event points. As expected, the competition for Tier 1 was rather fierce forcing a rather high score in order to qualify.

Things were considerably more civil in Tier 2 with the cutoff for the 6100th position going to Matches with 80,159 event points. With 10 day double-SR events, it is not uncommon to see the cutoff reach the point where the third copy of the event SR is unlocked. Nevertheless, we did not see that happening in this event with the cutoff staying well below 100,000 event points in total.

Not forgetting, there is the Event Song Ranking which calculates the total score a single complete Challenge Festival. A competition reserved for only the best players with the strongest members. 

Qualify for Tier 2 and your Present Box will look a little something like this. A single Green Scouting Ticket, one N Hyodo Sayuri and two SR Koizumi Hanayo. Keep in mind that you collect both SR Hanayo(s) in one go as they are stacked together. 

A closer look at the Event N member, Hyodo Sayuri.

Now for the star the show, SR Rainy Season Hanayo. At Level 1, Hanayo is sporting a Smile Attribute with 3,620 Smile Points and a Score Boost skill "Snail". Yes, what an odd name for a skill but, what can we do?

Practice her up till Level 60 and you will be rewarded with a Smile Points boost to 4,450 Smile Points. Meanwhile, all her other stats remain the same. You will have to idolize her to make the most out of her. 

Which is exactly what we will be doing now by prepping the Special Practice blender. Make sure to stack the higher ranking member on top to not put all your hard work to waste. When you are ready, hit that Special Practice button and get ready for some fireworks. 

Gasp! Hanayo turned into a frog!

At Level 80, Hanayo's Smile Points rises even further to 4,730 making her the 9th strongest Event Smile SR. Not too shabby at all. On top of that, her HP, max Bond points and skill slots are also increased bringing her close to her full potential. 

To make the most out of Hanayo, make sure to equip a Skill to boost your team's performance. In this case, I am going for Smile Aura as I have run out of Smile Cross [1st] skills. More skill farming is required, it would seem.

Here is a closer look at Hanayo's frog outfit. Just like Nozomi (matching Eli), Hanayo too matches Rin as part of the Rainy Season theme. It is really sweet!

Now that the event has finally come to a close, we will get a brief moment of respite before the next event. There is no word when the next event might begin but, early indications point towards the 23rd of June. What will the next event be? Stay tuned to Tiro Finale to find out together with all our daily content updates. Until then, thank you so much for reading and have yourself a great day ahead!


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