Super Sonico Holy Girl Concept Figure Black Version Preview & Unboxing

Hello everyone and welcoming you to this new week is a new figure! Today, we will be taking a look at FuRyu's Super Sonico Holy Girl Concept Figure Black Version with a quick unboxing and preview of the figure. Yes, the name is indeed quite a handful. So, for the remainder of the article, we will just refer to this beauty as the Holy Girl Sonico even though it is quite clear what she is cosplaying as. This is one prize figure that I have been looking forward too in a very long time, having done a wishlist post for her and finally getting her last year.

Unlike the other prize figures that FuRyu makes, this one has a considerably slimmer box with two color variations (blue and black) upon release. The box is also completely solid on all sides with no sign of a window anywhere. Fortunately, the box is very well designed and decorated as we will see along the way.

Turn the box around to the back, and you will be greeted with the usual documentations and warnings which are a standard issue for all figures. Some manufacturers place it at the bottom of the box but, FuRyu almost always places it at the back of the box. For the most part, it is nothing you need to concern yourself with even if you do read Japanese.

Throughout the box, the same picture of Holy Girl Sonico is used with no variations in angles or inclusion of any concept art. This does seem a little lazy when compared to FuRyu's earlier releases but, it is not a deal breaker as the most important thing is what is within it. If anything, using the same picture reinforces what you would come to expect within it. 

Both sides of the box use the same design albeit being mirrored. Again, something we see very commonly done with FuRyu prize figures. One big difference that I should point out though is the quality of the box. Where FuRyu often uses thin almost paper-like cardboard for their boxes, they have opted to use a much thicker box this time around which helps give the box much greater structural rigidity!

I bought this particular figure together with the Blue color variation at Mandrake's Nakano store for 2,400 Yen. A great deal for 2 prize figures which were still unopened with only minor box damage. Because this is a "pre-owned" product, there is even a sticker which identifies which arcade it came from. I have never been to the Freedom Amusement City in Yokohama but, I will keep that in mind the next time I pay a visit to the city.

Alright, time to pop open the box to inspect the content within it. Using a knife/blade, carefully slice the three cellophane tapes on all three sides of the box. Take care not to cut the box, slow and steady does it. 

With the tape cut, you are immediately greeted with even more thick cardboard and bubble wrap which serves to assure you to the safety of the contents within. This is the first time I have unboxed a FuRyu figure not enveloped in plastic blisters but, not the first time I have unboxed one secured with cardboard. Compared to past experiences, this certainly stacks up very well. 

You can see the contents of the box snugly wrapped by the cardboard which even has flaps on the top and the bottom. These flaps prevent any damage which may occur to the figure from top or bottom punctures. Something that is important because this is a prize figure which is offered as prizes in arcade game machines such as the infamous UFO Catcher. 

Unwrap the cardboard and there are just two parts to the contents of the box, each wrapped in their own plastic bags. The base itself is a decorated round black base with two mounting holes. While, the star of the show, Holy Girl Sonico is wrapped in a bubble wrap and plastic bag. Dual layers of protection!

Scratch that, there are actually three layers of protection with another layer of clear plastic between her upper limbs. I have seen this in some of my premium scale figures but, never in a prize figure. Good job, FuRyu!

With the figure securely mounted to the base, we now come to an end of this preview and unboxing segment. It may be simple in design but, my initial impressions of the figure itself is really good. Of course, this is subject to change once I complete the full review which will be out in two days time. Stay tuned for that together with our daily content updates on Tiro Finale. Until then, thank you so much for reading and have yourself a wonderful day ahead.


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