SIF Coverage - SR Rainy Season Nozomi

We are now past the halfway point of the event and it is time to take a look at the event's SR Nozomi. In this case, we will be taking a look at SR Rainy Season Nozomi who is unlocked via accumulating event points.

At 25,000 event points, you will unlock your first copy which is automatically added into your account as a reward. The second copy comes in at 60,000 event points in which you will need if you plan to idolize her. Both copies will be automatically added to your Present Box if you do not have sufficient slots in your member inventory. 

Do not worry, you have not lost her. Just make sure to pay a quick visit to your Present Box and she should be waiting right there. Depending on the amount of inventory space you have, you may opt to collect them one by one of both at the same time.

AT Level 1, SR Rainy Season Nozomi sports a Cool Attribute with 3,700 Cool Points. Her member skills is a Perfect Lock skill which while only having a low percentage of activating, has a rather lengthy window of 3.5 seconds and a chance to activate every 20 notes. Not too shabby especially considering the lack of Perfect Lock event Cool members these days. 

At Level 60, Nozomi's Cool Points go up further to 4,530 points. Otherwise, there are no other changes to the stats of the card. With this Nozomi in particular, I would strongly recommend players to idolize her as it truly unlocks her full potential. Once idolized, Nozomi has quite the suite of perks as we will see in a bit.

Here is a closer look at Nozomi in her unidolized form. There could not have been a more perfect design for Nozomi in casual clothes on a rainy day. A simple yet, lovely purple umbrella complements her light colored outfit so well!

Now, it is time to take out the Special Practice blender in order to make the most of our SR Nozomi. Make sure to place the higher leveled member on the upper slot so that you do not waste your hard earned effort in leveling up Nozomi in the first place. When you are ready, hit that "Special Practice" button and let the magic begin!

Tadah! Gone is the rain in favor of a much more daring school idol outfit!

With a little bit more effort, Nozomi can be leveled up to her level cap of 80 where she now has 4,810 Cool Points. This makes her the third strongest Cool Event member overall. Couple that together with her maximum Bond Points of 500 and an additional Skill slot, you have a real winner in your hands.

To make the most of her high Cool Points output, it is best to use Cool Cross [3rd] which boosts her cool points even more. This will no doubt be a very valuable member for many players in the future!

While the idolized design may not look as flashy and elaborate as other idolized SRs as of late, I really do not mind. Especially since it pairs with the SR Rainy Season/Rain Shower Eli. Yes, the pairing is real.

As if the rainbow motif does not make it clear enough about the relationship between the two.

Speaking of Nozomi, the new UR Birthstone Nozomi has finally been unveiled for Honor Scouting with increased chances until the 16th of June. It may not be the most outstanding UR in terms of skill or points but, it has been one that I have been looking forward to for a long time especially because she pairs with Eli! Next time, we will be taking a look at the conclusion of the event and SR Rainy Season Hanayo. Until then, thank you so much for reading and have yourself a wonderful day ahead!


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