Mami in Action #09.5 - Small Arms

Hello and welcome to another addition of Mami in Action! Today, Mami is re-arming herself with a new weapon in her arsenal before bringing it out for a test run. Instead of the usual assault rifles, sub-machineguns and odd grenade launcher, we will instead be taking a look at something of a smaller caliber, a pistol. 

To do that, we will need to use Platz's Realistic Handguns from their Realistic Weapons Series of miniature firearms that I recently acquired. to get an idea of all the 6 different pistols included with the package, make sure to check out my initial preview of it this Limited Edition Silver Coating Version. 

From the choice of pistols available, I settled on perhaps one of the most recognizable 9mm pistol in the mainstream media, the Beretta 92F. To avoid any trademark infringements, Platz had decided to designate it the M92Fver. which is an amalgamation of both Beretta's 92F and the United States Army's M9 designation for the pistol.

Unlike the previous miniature firearms that I have put together, the only tool you will need this time is a hobby nipper. Any type of hobby cutter will do as long as it has a sharp enough cutting edge to give a good clean cut. 

Other tools such as plastic cement and a hobby knife are not just optional but, downright not required as we will find out in a moment. 

Pop open the box and you will greeted with the contents, a manual and two silver runner containing the pistols. Nothing too complicated, just make sure it is all there.

When I mention that it is uncomplicated, that is because it really is. Each pistol, except for the Glock 18, is made of a single-cast mold. All you have to do is cut the two gates and you have your completed pistol, it is that simple! No glue or knives required. Although this silver coating version does present its own set of problems as the silver coating is mostly superficial. Beneath it, is the normal black plastic you would find on the original cast and this is especially visible at the nip marks (the cut points). To remedy this, using a silver paint market to touch up the exposed black areas on the nip marks. 

Finally, we have the silver Beretta 92F next to a Nendoroid Petit Mami for scale. True to its nature, the Beretta 9mm pistol is indeed very small but still remains to be highly detailed. The silver coating reminds me of a nickel plated version of the 92F albeit lacking the black grips. I do look forward to giving this pistol a run as I am sure Mami is too. Until then, thank you so much for reading and have yourself a wonderful day ahead!


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