SIF Coverage - Medley Festival Round 11 Conclusion

The time has passed and Medley Festival Round 11 has finally come to an end. Being the first event held on the newly merged WW server, things have been rather interesting to say the least. Read on as we take a closer look at the rankings as well as idolized SR Ice Skating Dia in the rest of the article.

Beginning with the Top 5 positions, the results are really unique. This is the first time I have seen four players tied for first place with the same exact score. The next closest is fifth place finisher with nearly half the amount of Event Points. Moreover, it does appear all the Top 5 players come from the newly migrated CN server. Looks like the events will have an insane amount of competition on the top end from now on.

Moving on to Tier 1, the new expanded tier sees an additional 100 positions being added into the mix for a maximum of 1,200 positions. This is not exactly a lot considering the proportion of new players introduced as a result of the merger. Fortunately, the cutoff for Tier 1 was not too unreasonable with the 1100th position going to mushroom with 114,964 event points. 

Meanwhile, Tier 2 sees a similar tier expansion in terms of percentages compared to Tier 1. Now cutting off at the 6,100 position, we see that final rank being shared among three players for a score of 64,637. Similar to Tier 1, the cutoffs here were not too unreasonable as well.

A quick look at the Event Song Ranking and the highest possible cumulative score by the top players in the entire game. Unless you have a full party of idolized URs, do not even think of coming anywhere close. 

Successfully qualify for Tier 2 and your Present Box will look a little something like this. A single Green Scouting Ticket, one copy of N Kikuchi Akemi and two copies of SR Kurosawa Dia. No expiration dates on them so, no rush in collecting them.

Here is a closer look at the idolized N Kikuchi Akemi.

At Level 1, SR Ice Skating Dia is sporting a Pure Attribute with 3,660 pure points. Together with that is a Score Up skill that is rather rapid fire with a chance to trigger every 20 notes but with only a 27% chance. I am not sure how will this would scale in teams. 

At Level 60, Dia's pure points rises to 4,490 but, otherwise, everything else remains to be the same. In order to make the most out of Dia, idolizing her is definitely a must as she holds a great deal of latent potential.

Here is a closer look at Dia in her casual winter outfit going out for some ice skating.

In order to unlock Dia's full potential, we will have to use the trusty Special Practice blender. Make sure to place the higher level member in the upper slot so as to not waste all your effort in leveling her up. When you are ready, hit the "Special Practice" button and be ready for the magic to happen.

Just like Riko, idolized Dia switches to an ice skating outfit too.

At Level 80, Dia's pure points rises to 4,770 making her the fifth best event Pure SR. Not too shabby considering her rather lackluster skill. Aside from that, she also gains an additional skill slot and her maximum bond points now rises to 500 points.

Here is a closer look at Dia in her idolized form. While I think Riko's outfit suits her better, our fellow writer, Takuya seems to like this version of Dia quite a bit.

With that, comes an end to the first ever event on the WW servers. Things have remained rather civil for the time being but, we will have to see how things progress as the next events roll out. No word on when the next will begin but, there will likely be one week of rest before the next event starts. Until then, thank you so much for reading and have yourself a wonderful day ahead.


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