Mami in Action #11 - Gun Kata

Hello everyone and welcome to another addition of Mami in Action! Last time, we took at a look at the Beretta 92F and, today, we will also be taking a look at the same pistol. But unlike last week, we will be taking a look at two of them in what is aptly titled, Gun Kata!

Gun Kata or Gun Fu is the act of using firearms in conjunction with martial arts to make use of firearms as a melee extension of choice. In actuality, it is not very practical nor feasible due to the inhuman reflexes required and accuracy. But, in films and anime - where it is predominantly found - Gun Kata looks really cool!

Mami in particular is no foreigner to Gun Kata and is, in fact, a master of the mixed firearm-martial arts having deployed it to great effect most notably in the Rebellion film. I would not spoil it any further for those of you who have not watched the movie or the series but, rest assured, Mami's Gun Kata skills leaves no stone unturned. 

And it really is no surprise that Gun Kata is found in the Puella Magi Madoka Magica series because, Gen Urobochi, the lead writer for the series is a big fan of Gun Kata and the film Equilibrium. The fact that he decided to entrust that skill to Mami makes it that much more special!

Three key recipes to a successful Gun Kata user's skill set. Number one, dynamic moves akin to martial arts. 

Number two, akimbo firearms be it pistols, rifles or sub-machine guns. 

Number three, aim bot!

Mix all those recipes together and you have the perfect recipe for,

Gun Kata!

Holding the firearm in awkward but, cool positions also nets you extra points!

Unlike traditional firearm aiming, the Gun Kata school of martial arts is not limited to just shooting in one direction.

Because you can shoot both forward;

And backwards, simultaneously!

By now, these dual-silver Beretta 92F's make look rather familiar to you even if you are not very well versed with firearms. Having made an appearance in various action films and video games, the dual-Beretta combination is no stranger to the limelight. As such, it was no surprise that I decided to choose the Beretta 92Fs as the first pistols to be featured in akimbo combination.

Today, the dual-Beretta may not see much implementation in both films and movies but, still remains to be a staple of one of the most popular competitive shooters, Counter Strike. In fact, one of my earliest recollection of knowing about the dual-Beretta were from the original Counter Strike where it was called the Dual Elites. Not a particularly great gun but, it sure was fun.

Dual pistols look cool even when you are not aiming with them!

Mami taking a brief moment to inspect her firearm.

When used together, the dual-Beretta have a combined magazine size of 30 rounds. Each are 9 mm Parabellum rounds making it exactly the same magazine size as a H&K MP-5. Your fire rate, in real life, would not come anywhere close though and the reload times will be abysmal.

In all truth, it would be much better using a single 92F and reloading it once the magazine is depleted.

But, do not tell that to Mami especially when she has her pistols pointed at you.

For an individual like Mami though, the dual-Beretta are a perfect combination to complement her superhuman strength, perfect accuracy and gun kata expertise.

Added bonus points for looking so cool!

Plus, whenever she ran out of rounds, she could just throw them away and make new ones out of magical ribbons for an instant reload.

Dual wielding pistols will probably never go out of style especially with movies like John Wick making a great example of the practice. Of course, it is never going to amount to anything in real life having to deal with recoil, reduced accuracy and increased reload times. As such, dual-wielding pistols are often best left to the world of make believe is which characters like Mami call home. 

Would I love to see Mami wield real-life firearms for a change? Definitely! And if it ever does happen, put the dual-Beretta right there on top of the list. But for now, that will be all from this iconic firearm. In the next edition of Mami in Action, we will be taking a look at yet another pistol. Stay tuned to Tiro Finale to find out on top of all of our daily content updates. Until the next time, thank you so much for reading and have yourself a wonderful day ahead!


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