Love Wing Bell Koizumi Hanayo Preview & Unboxing

Hello everyone and welcome to another figure coverage on Tiro Finale! As promised last week, we will be taking a look at a Love Live figure more specifically, FuRyu's Love Wing Bell Koizumi Hanayo. From the fifth episode of Love Live's second season, comes the wedding-themed outfits from Love Wing Bell that we will be doing a quick preview and unboxing of today. Starting with the box, we get a rather simple design with the Hanayo figured featured front and center.

Look towards the sides and there are no windows or additional illustrations to take note off. Just a rather simple and straightforward design. 

Turn the box over to the other side and you will be greeted with the exact same design. FuRyu has made use or light blue and green pastel colors to create a very light and feminine feeling. It may not be much but, helps to break from the otherwise simple design we often see in prize figures. 

Turn the box over to the back and you will be greeted with the usual warnings and documentation. FuRyu normally places its writings on the back of the box as opposed to the bottom of the box and it is no different here. 

Now, it is time to pop open the box. Break out the knife and carefully cut the tape alongside the three sides of the box. Be careful when cutting them as you do not want to damage the box. When done, gently open the box lest you want to tear the box. The cardboard used for this box is not very thick but, it is still significantly thicker than the paper-thin cardboard used by FuRyu at times. 

Pop open the box and you will greeted with two packages and one set of instruction. The main figure, as we can see, is carefully wrapped in bubble wrap to prevent any damage.

The first package is the bubble wrapped Hanayo. FuRyu used plenty of bubble wrap to secure Hanayo so, there is nothing to worry about despite the box having rather thin cardboard. 

Remove the bubble wrap and you have an additional layer of protection in the form of a piece of cardboard and another plastic wrapping to avoid unwanted paint transfers. Everything is securely tapped to the cardboard which acts like a backbone of sorts.

The second package is a the round white base with a lovely green pattern and Hanayo's name written on it. The size of the base is pretty much standard by now but, the number of peg slots (4) did catch me by surprise. I would have normally expected either one or two slots only.

Then, you have the instructions sheet which details the purpose of the two arms that you can choose from. This is especially important because one arm set has allows Hanayo to link hands with Rin for that pivotal scene during Love Wing Bell's performance!
Despite Love Wing Bell being performed by 6 members of Muse, only figures of Rin and Hanayo have been made and for good reason. This particular pairing and theme makes it one of the definitive RinPana figures. The fact that they can link arms makes it all the more important, prize figure or not. 

Dressed in her sharp black suit, I am really looking forward to reviewing this Hanayo figure. This is first ever appearance on Tiro Finale and I must add that early impressions are indeed positive. Stay tuned for the review which is due to go live sometime mid-week. In the meantime, make sure to check in on Tiro Finale for all our daily content updates. Until the next time, thank you so much for reading and have yourself a wonderful day ahead.


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