Love Wing Bell Hoshizora Rin Preview & Unboxing

Hello everyone and welcome to another figure coverage on Tiro Finale! Having completed Hanayo, it it is only right that I follow up with an accompanying review of FuRyu's Love Wing Bell Hoshizora Rin. The other half of the Love Wing Bell set of prize figures, Rin comes in two box types. One much larger box with a clear display window in front, reminiscent of premium scale figures. Another, like the one seen above, is a simple cardboard box around all sides just like Hanayo's. In fact, even the design motifs in the background are identical. 

The sides of the boxed are solid and identical on both sides. They feature a lovely lace detailing with Rin's name written in a cursive form. The choice of color for Rin is light yellow and pink which matches both her outfit (pink) and image color (yellow). 

The color pallet is maintained throughout the box with it flowing from the front to the sides in a continuous fashion. Be wary though as the cardboard used for the box is rather thin. As such, the box is prone to dents and damage despite light knocks or bumps. 

FuRyu reserves the back of the box for all the documentation and legal warnings required of the figure. By now, it has almost become a FuRyu standard to print it at the back of the box rather than the bottom of the box. 

When it comes time to unbox the figure, carefully run a blade through the tape holding all three sides of the top of the box and you will have clear access to the contents within.

Do practice caution when opening the box as the cardboard is rather thin and can tear quite easily. 

Remove the content and you are immediately greeted by Rin's figure being wrapped in copious amounts of bubble wrap ensuring her safety. There is also the addition of a thick cardboard which serves as the "backbone" of the entire package. Definitely keeps everything nice and safe.

Behind the bubble wrap, is an additional layer of plastic wrapping which is there to prevent unwanted paint transfers between the figure or any other surfaces. Within the plastic wrapping are additional clear plastic sheets which prevent friction between the internal surfaces.

A separate plastic package houses the round white base which has two mounting holes to secure Rin onto. Just like Hanayo's, the base has a patterned design together with Rin's name written on it.

You may have noticed that Rin's right arm is missing and that is because it is located behind the base. Some assembly required as Rin's arms can actually be switched out for a version where she links arms with Hanayo. Together with her arm is the bouquet designed microphone. 

A little handy guide displays some clear instructions on assembling Rin's right arm and mounting her into the base. The guide may be entirely in Japanese but, the instructions are clear enough that no understanding of Japanese is required. 

The second page of the guide details how to link Hanayo and Rin together using the optional arm parts that come included with Hanayo. I am looking forward to trying this out as soon as I am done with my review of Rin!

Before we end for today, here is a quick sneak peek of what to expect from the review coming in a few days time. Early impressions simply cannot be described with words as this Rin figure well and truly caught me off guard in its presentation. What exactly do I mean? Stay tuned to the full review to find out. Until then, thank you so much for reading and have yourself a wonderful day ahead!


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