Figure Wishlist - Nendoroid Hanekawa Tsubasa

Hello everyone and welcome to another addition of Monogatari Thursdays! Filling in with for Takuya this week (again), I will try my best once more to bring quality Monogatari content to you our readers on Tiro Finale. Since last week, I have completed the first "season" of the series (Bakemonogatari, Nisemonogatari and Nekomonogatari: Kuro) and have moved on to the second season beginning with Nekomonogatari: Shiro. As I progress through the series, I find myself gravitating more towards Hanekawa's character and together with that, her figures. 

Even her mobile phone has been faithfully reproduced!
The responsible class representative, Hanekawa, is not the most popular member of the Monogatari cast and that is duly reflected in the number of figures that she has. Fortunately, Hanekawa has all the boxes checked with a Nendoroid, several prize and Kuji figures, a Good Smile Company premium scale and even an Alter figure! 

"You shouldn't be flipping girl's skirts at this age, you know!"
So if you were to start a Hanekawa figure collection, where exactly do you start? That was the same exact question that I found myself asking. Do you start at the very top and gun for the GSC and Alter premium scales which now retail nearly double what they originally sold for? Or do you start slow and go for the prize figures which can now be found for under 1000 Yen? Better still, what if there was a middle ground to both?

This is where Good Smile Company's own Nendoroid Hanekawa Tsubasa comes into the fold. Released back in July 2014, this was way back when Nendoroid(s) were still very much affordable with Hanekawa retailing for just 3,611 Yen (before tax). Fast forward three years and Hanekawa can still be found in the re-sellers market for 3,500 Yen for an unopened box. The price may not have dropped a whole lot but, it still does represent remarkable value especially in today's figure market.

So adorable!
Besides their affordable price point, Nendoroid(s) are also special in the sense that they allow collectors to judge their interest for the character without investing too much into it. In Hanekawa's case, she comes with three facial expressions (smiling, upset and embarassed) and several accessories such as her cat ears, book, cellphone and a black and a white cat. Not to mention, Hanekawa also comes with several joints and even a sitting skirt and feet to allow for great number of poses. 

Can you spot the third cat?
Previously, I had been tossing up between Hanekawa in her Nendoroid form or the recent Kizumonogatari Ichiban Kuji figure as both hovered around the same price and seemed to capture Hanekawa's spirit rather well. After this though, I am pretty sure I know which way I am leaning towards. 

With that, comes an end to this addition of Figure Wishlist in collaboration with Monogatari Thursdays. What would you like to see us write about next? We would love to hear what you think so, do let us know in the comments section below. Until the next time, thank you so much for reading and have yourself a wonderful day ahead!

P.S. All image credits go to Good Smile Company, make sure to check out their product page for more information about Hanekawa and if you love what they do, make sure to support them.


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