SIF Coverage - Challenge Festival Round 3

With little warning, a new event has commenced on SIF's WW Server. This time, we have Challenge Festival Round 3 featuring Nozomi and Hanayo in their Rainy Season outfits! The event will run from the 7th till the 16th June, making it a full 10 days of competitive events. Last time we had a Challenge Festival was back in March featuring Rin so, it is a nice change of pace to finally see the event back.

As usual, being a double-SR event means that the first SR can be earned via accumulating event points while, the second SR from total rankings by the end of the event. The first event SR Rainy Season Nozomi is unlocked upon accumulating 25,000 event points.

The second copy comes at 60,000 event points. While it is too early to say, it is more than likely that the amount of points needed to qualify for Tier 2 would surpass 60,000 event points. Hence, a simple goal to work towards if you are indeed planning to qualify for Tier 2 and above. 

The big question is, would the cutoffs for Tier 2 rise so significantly that it would surpass the amount needed for the third SR Nozomi? For a 10 day event, the notion of the cutoffs going above 100,000 event points is certainly not unheard of. But, we will have to see how things proceed throughout the event before a definite investment of Love Gems should be made.

Next up, we have SR Rainy Season Hanayo dressed in her bright green raincoat. In order to unlock her, players will have to qualify for Tier 3 and above while, idolizing her would require players to qualify for Tier 2 and above as then two identical copies will be rewarded.

In line with the new reward systems, we also have Score Ranking Rewards which take a look at the players cumulative score per Live. To aim for a high spot, both skill and a very good team are absolutely paramount. Something free-to-play players would be unlikely to be able to manage.

Being a Challenge Festival, the format is slightly different from the typical events. Players are allowed to choose their difficult at the start and not change unless the decide to stop. Players may play up to 5 back to back songs in increasing difficult and rewards. At any time between the first and final song, players are able to cash out especially if they are worried that the next song would be too difficult. 

Before each song begins, players are also given the chance to purchase certain bonuses. Keep in mind these bonuses only last a round and will need to be repurchased the following round. With that, comes a close to the early coverage of Challenge Festival Round 3. I look forward to the competition for this event as the first ever Challenge Festival on the WW server. 

Next time, we will be taking a look at SR Rainy Season Nozomi in both her un-idolized and idolized form. Until then, thank you so much for reading and have yourself a wonderful day ahead!


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